Looking for a pet?

One other note for today. If you are passing through Kearney, Nebraska, there are two pets overdue for a good home I can vouch for personally. Bear is a bit intimidating as he is a big dog and needs space, but loves walks and trying to socialize. Also, he is as sweet or sweeter than a little pup. If you need a cat, Daisy is an intuitive and protective one. She likes towers and hanging out in high places. If you are creative with games you might be able to capture her attention, otherwise she can hang out all day and is great company. Ask the staff for more info or other recommendations depending on your lifestyle. They are at Kearney Animal Shelter west of the UNK campus and Buckle factory on the north side of the main road across from Cenex.

Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday to my cousin Sam. Before I left facebook, he was a big supporter of equality online which is part of Ckwal’s name and original logo. I don’t know how else to reach you; maybe you’ll see this post!

Fuel III

A few new hints or tricks I learned trying to cook in the winter. One is about those detachable propane tanks for portable grills. If they get too cold, they may stop flowing properly and your flame may not be healthy enough to cook bread properly or whatever you are trying to make before your hands freeze. If you have two of them you may be able to swap one out and warm it back up in your coat or whatever part of you is warm and cook until the same thing happens again and repeat. This is also the same for spray bottles of coconut oil. It is more finicky that the propane and you must spray what you need and return it to somewhere warm (under your arm or in an insulated pocket). I will update this post if I have to try it out in colder temperatures than 15-20 degrees, so with some hand warmers and quick, smart cooking, you can still make that ‘down-to-the-penny-save-my-veganism-meal’ (if it ever comes to that to save a cow, your life or whatever it may be). More advanced but costly tanks and grills are better prepared for the winter temps, but this is the budget Coleman stovetop with budget gas from Walmart or Target which makes it a lot easier than trying to balance your pan on a skinny Tower of Pisa.

Vegan Posts and Fuel Compilation Links

These are the links of the posts with my journey on veganism and survival fuel/cooking. I also added some social accounts of those that kept and continue to keep me inspired or helped movement get momentum in the difficult naive stages. I will update this page as well in a quicklink page on the important link tab towards the top right of the site currently.

Fuel III 1/13/18

Strict Vegan Survival Update (with an currently updated **1.16 list and avoid list) 1/11/18

Vegan Tattoo Ink in final note of Intro to 2018 1/7/18

Vegan Update (My new hobby of contacting food stuffs’ businesses) 12/27/17

The Eighth Day of Christmas’ Dairy-free Party 12/18/17

Vegan Cheese gets a new slang on the Sixth Day of Christmas 12/14/17

Vegan French Baking on the Third Day of Christmas 12/8/17

Holiday parties & PETA gift ideas link 12/4/17

How do you ‘treat’ your dog? 12/3/17

Vegan Hanukkah Cookies 12/3/17

Vegan Thanksgiving LinksList 11/19/17

Virtual Night Before Halloween Party (Vegan Friendly) 10/30/17

Dedicated Mix #5 (Vegan Halloween) 10/19/17

Appalled 9/27/17

One Year a Vegan + 9/15/17

Fuel II 7/5/17

Fuel 6/5/17

Moby (Vegan, DJ and Music Producer) – (Moby may have started a fire with electronic music in me that started long before I started making or mixing it. Semi-recently some of his pictures have kept me from giving up and going to McDonalds or something like that due to peer pressure and society’s masks on wrongness. Seeing his website for the first time right now, I find he is also an author.)

Erin McKenna (One of her cookbooks started me off in the right direction. I had to donate it as well, but I will rebuy them all one day. My final big recipe I made when I had access to my parent’s kitchen before they moved was the Italian Cake. I was eyeing the recipe for awhile collecting the ingredients.)

The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner (Another cookbook I only used for one or two recipes before having to donate it, but one day I would rebuy and try them all. Just knowing these recipes exist is a ‘another light in the dark’ for a lone vegan.)

WaterCourse Foods, Denver – (I worked here in 2017 for a short time. I never tried the food, but the quick turnover helped me survive during a crucial endangerment of my own veganism as well as make important discoveries in the culture. I met my first vegan contacts at this place.)

Beet Box Bakery, Denver – (Yes, these places exist. You may walk into one and buy a donut or cookie and be thinking, “Oh! it’s such a unique and delicious, creamy flavor. I can eat them forever and not feel bloated or like my arteries are clogging!” Then some vixen falls out of a cloud and says, “It’s just one plus to eating vegan.” You say, “What the heck is a vegan?” Actually I only tried a cookie from this place, but that is what vegan food is like.)

** =last updated

Strict Vegan Survival Update

I went on an email spur one day because I couldn’t listen to music for some reason and wanted to find some strict vegan and non-gmo foods/snacks. I was getting back a lot of bad news and started searching on how to make my own licorice. Well today I think I have received some acceptable information and have added some new foods to my list of ‘probably fit all my requirements’ to eat. In addition to most On The Border Chips (Organic blue & yellow) and Salsas (which say they are vegan and /or Non-gmo on the website), Clif Bars (blueberry, oats & raisins, PB, nuts & seeds and pomegranate are strict at the time of this post, but the package is not recyclable) and what I usually use are: the King Arthur flours. **Another disappointing thing is that most chip bags are not recyclable. If it says TerraCycle, do this research and start a collection.

Robin Hood Flour
Hudson Cream Flour
Still waiting on a canned bean I can approve
Ro*Tel Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies or Hunt’s Diced and Petite Diced Tomatoes
**​Many of these V8 fruit and vegetable blends are Non-GMO (says on new label) and vegan (although not vegan verified) and after getting a response it seems as though they are strict with production. I stopped consuming them while waiting for a response and I will probably drink these again after another response because I am reading this, “Citric acid occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, limes, and tomatoes. We add it for tartness and to control the acidity of our products to ensure product safety. The citric acid we use is derived from either sugar or corn crops that may be grown from genetically modified seeds.” So if you need one of these juices and see citric acid (like in Strawberry Banana Fusion), I wouldn’t buy it until further updates.

Dave’s Killer Bagels (Cinnamon Raisin Remix, Plain Awesome & Epic Everything) – Non-GMO, Facility only shares with soy & labeled ‘no animal products’.

There are more on the way and when I finish my research and communications, I’ll post updates. This is subject to change and if you find any different info out please email asap. As you may know, these two are important survival foods for when you have little funds left and need to last another day or two before payday. With a portable stove, some Morena sugar (or Florida Crystals) and salt or salt substitute, you can make bread and cookies. My most adaptable recipe for bread is 2:1 ration of flour and water and for sugar cookies 5:4:1 (sugar, flour, water or water/coconut oil mixture).

Eat the cold refried beans out of the can for a filling, healthy snack. I have even tried using the can to fire stuff up in, but it is a little dangerous because the flame is typically bigger than the can, so make sure you have some metal tongs and gloves that are flame resistant.

Why are GMOs bad? I have read that all GMOs regardless of whether they come from plants or animals require animal testing, but this has yet to be confirmed. My strict veganism avoids products made on shared equipment and many times facilities if it is listed because that means they aren’t aware of the changes. With spiritual concerns like in the previous post, one thing we are avoiding are these bad moods or karma or fear/murder getting into the food and contaminating our generations with mental illnesses or phenomenon now fed by drugs to alter genetics or our brains, when the origin may be unknown. Just like hormones from animal products, genetic modification may alter your being. So it is a wildcard in food products, just like animal products and byproducts. Even if it was for a super-human strength, how would scientists know if it was safe when the end result may not be until two generations down the line and we have no way of tracing the source of these positive traits? A lot of this may be philosophical, but something I would rather avoid. So this for example, took Skittles out of my diet for some time now and why I became a vegan in the first place. I was going to GNC which has so many ground-breaking technologies and cutting-edge modifications for your body. I was noticing changes however that were undesirable in my equilibrium and decided to do a detox. This led me to veganism and Christianity and now Non-GMO concerns as well as the other labels you may have noticed connected with beliefs too, like Pareve and Kosher. Have you ever wondered about the reasons for Halal?

New and updated ‘Avoid List’
Quaker Cereals – also rejects responses for further communication after spieling.
Twizzlers – seemed like I was getting honest responses from one representative and then a new responder changed the tone and information.

Note: Bone char usage to filter sugar is something that if the company doesn’t know the source, cannot guarantee that it is vegetarian or vegan. Possibly some vegetarians or vegans don’t care about this, but it is disgusting. Especially thinking you would give a child candy or cereal with the main ingredient using cow’s bones. Also McDonald’s fries as we talked about before uses beef products. To me this is concealing information. Sure some laws might say certain things are okay, but week one or two in my vegan attempt I was drinking Coke and eating fries thinking it was okay. I didn’t know most caramel color is made with animal products and some sodas like life water are using insect extract. I’ve had to sacrifice quite a bit to rid my life of so many products that are wrong by principle. I shouldn’t have to work this hard to rid myself of being covered in animal fat or carrying some animal product around with me or not knowing a harmless animal suffered to make sure it was safe to use. Even if you don’t care about killing animals, it is deception. It is greedy, nasty, gross and wrong. If the only reason is cheapness, answer the question, “What would happen to the product if that part of it was removed?” When you go to a foreign country you see pictures of black lungs and horrible diseases on the cigarettes and it says in giant lettering, without a doubt SMOKING CAUSES CANCER. Now we have companies using models on music to advertise. Are we that desperate for space on the planet to support the hurt that causes suicide and to kill each other and innocent creatures? Look for beet, unrefined, raw, turbinado (pure-cane) or USDA Organic.

Intro to 2018

About the MixList maker:
Some time ago I changed my artist name from SKMillion to Ckwal. I was no longer the same person. I quit being who I was before. With Ckwal I change everyday and drastically with every mix at times. Now I feel like myself and myself as Ckwal need a forced break to find out what’s next. Soon skmillion.com will no longer exist as I am letting go of the domain. I was updating promodj.com/ckwal, but their customer service is too slow and apparently there was spam in the blog. There was a comment every now and then, but nothing I noticed recently, so I question what is really going on over there. As far as my person or self as a human, if you know me in real-life, I have no other social networks. I had self-produced videos online as SKMillion on a couple of sites and photos on several sites, but they no longer exist. If there are other representations of me or previous artists, social profiles or public work profiles, they are not authentic (as of January 7th, 2018). I have or had one other mixer profile which is not being used. Previously (and still recently) if you searched for Ckwal you may have found only middle-eastern results. They are also not me.

On spiritual concerns/soul:
The spirit God gives us, which changes, comes from God. Evil spirits and lost spirits move through sometimes. One of these formerly mentioned, is part of what is being saved in a mix (other than mind-state or memories and physical state or curability). Some of those are a part of me in the ways they can be, before being changed, taken away or leaving your body, forever. The church knows something about this, but no one can know everything for sure. God gave us a bible written by humans under the direction of what I believe are such spirits. It may guide us or tell us indirectly through the Holy Spirit, but mostly it is not a ‘how-to’ book. The New Testament was written by mostly followers of the real Jesus. He lives with us and saves us from destruction from the worst of these evil spirits, either of which could inspire a mix or be put into a mix, but they are not us. I believe as an experienced multitude of spirits he can make something good out of almost any situation or being. I even believe God works with all the religions of the world to create a diversity of culture with similar threads of belief that connect us to each other. If you are struggling with past mistakes or troubles that cannot be pinned down, I recommend seeking forgiveness from those involved and yourself by asking God/Jesus. What I do recently is to also research other religions and use their best methods to reach forgiveness or enlightenment with those who don’t believe in Christian ways. Ideas like Karma are shared in rules of most every belief.

Sometimes I feel like I am being guided to harness this energy and use it in a positive way; some call it an outlet. Sometimes I feel like everything of this nature is misunderstood, misrepresented and if we are headed for another world war, it is the worst kind (Spiritual War or Holy War). The reason is because a weak mind or body (someone we could also trust and know as a friend or strong person) might be used as a weapon against us or each other. This can happen with or without drugs, alcohol, food additives, hormones or other substances that modify our being. Before I called my faith simply that: Faith. I was not allowed to only say that following my trip to Iraq and Thailand of 2013…

On the future of Ckwal and summary:
I am not sure what is going to happen in 2018 and I cannot guarantee I will be able to take an extended break from this ‘purpose’, but I am pondering that my calling is changing somewhat. I cannot afford or am simply not willing to make the sacrifices for me and others to continue weekly mixes with the donations and resources that got me through 2017. So, I must find a way to support those myself in addition to food and necessities, if they will continue as such. I had an awesome time escaping which is sometimes a bleak reality for a homeless person, but I would really like to see better results for me and others working this hard in life. I know we all have to pay our dues in the struggle to prove to ourselves how far we have come individually and in our society or environment.

I will try to update as often as possible with my interests or development in this undetermined interim which may be only a few weeks up to a couple of months. Of course you can email with requests to review old mixes on a private, friendship basis or with contributions for specific entertainment related projects. I cannot claim full responsibility for our successes or failures as connected as are are or seem to be in a spiritual war or in the battle of life. I have tried to communicate the best I can, explain what my experiences are, reasons for certain choices and rectify the worst of what has happened in the last two years to me that could happen to anyone. I don’t underestimate the importance and impact of mixing music of various styles, new and old, and look forward to great music in the future. I did my first talent show in the first grade singing David Lee Roth’s ‘Just like Paradise’, wrote my first original song around late grade school, recorded my first album just after high school graduation and received my Degree in songwriting at Berklee College of Music. I have several self-produced albums, EPs and singles, quite a few remixes and now two years of mixes and other tips that I think will hold this bridge back and forth between musical worlds together for a long time. I haven’t thanked nearly enough musicians and bands that have kept me going because that would be almost impossible. So what I am saying is, music will always be a part of my life.

Final note:
The Vegan battle possibly makes what I am going through that much more challenging and to show my commitment to these ideas and people that make an impact on me, no matter how little time I spend or have spent with them, I got my first tattoo at Bread N’ Butter by Tattoo Artist Church Hill shortly after I posted the mix ending with Coldplay’s live version of ‘Ink’. It was designed with a font from Chequered Ink found on dafont.com. Ask a shop if they have vegan inks like World Famous.

2017-2018 New Year Bridge Mix

The third annual New Year Bridge Mix decision.

I usually mix one and there is nothing to review. I don’t remember practicing before the other ones. I actually did one practice mix without recording before the 31st and it was nearly perfect. One exception was, I think, the same song transition that was muddy in #3. The funny thing about that is in Traktor the application recommends tracks in order of what the computer thinks is a good match based on key, tempo and other programmed things. I take this with a grain of salt and usually know the tunes well enough to ignore this or think the machine and I are thinking alike. This recommendation was at the top of the list and it was dead wrong. I didn’t write down my notes however and since a lot of the tracks have similar start letters and other ways I would remember that combination by, I forgot. The point of this story is that two awesome mixes are out because of what I would call ‘machine-error’ or lack of preparation which doesn’t apply in this case. I would say don’t ever think machines are going to replace all of us. DJs, drivers, cashiers, tellers, etc. We get into the habit of using them for convenience, comfort factor or other reason. Possibly 2018 is the come back for the human. We are trained by the machine often, but more often someone wrote that programming or has to fix it somehow. I listened to Candidate #2 a lot and it’s really unique. Some of the overlaps and bridge emotions make it my ideal winner. Possibly I want to justify the other mixes existence by not choosing #1. This used to happen in my classes too when I taught English overseas. Some kids are just too good and even if you and their parents helped make them so smart, you think it is unfair and want another student to win sometimes. Well I can’t deny the winner is Candidate #1 (UTC+8 Bridge). The biggest reasons are how it already took off on it’s own, mix experience vs. listener experience, song setup/placement and of course transitions.

Happy New Year 2018.

Instagram quicklinks from this mix.

Year Bridge Mix Update #2

Additional Candidate Notes:

Sometimes I listen for disqualifiers or things I can’t live with hearing. Examples: bad transitions, major imperfections or skips/mistakes, overall theme feeling is imbalanced or leaves you wrongly.

C3 – First transition is off beat although it sounds fine with a decent fade. Also, the overall beginning feel is too reflective or review-like. This is what a year mix does instead of a bridge mix. Transition from Time to Magneto is muddy. Normally I would disqualify it with one off-transition, so the first two notes here would have been fine because there are some transitions that are unbeatable. If this were a regular series mix it would barely go to the UNP (unpublishable) series because there are no mistakes if you want to call it that.

Early decision for the day: Although I really like this ‘short but sweet’, year-mix type feel, gradually crescendoing to an exciting new year possibility and ending with a dark jungle feel; Candidate #3 is, as Trump would say, “Fired”.

More updates are possible later in the day or by Friday.

Update on the post about veganism and Twizzler products.

2017-2018 New Year Bridge Mix Update

I’m still reviewing these candidate mixes C1 C2 C3. The transition I said was questionable wasn’t noticeable when I played the first part back. I went back one more time and checked it out and heard what I was talking about, but the main thing was I was so close to the New Year on the west coast before the whole thing started going offshore, that I had to start and decide on the the bridge song without much warning. I am at the ending of Candidate #2 and I really like flow of the whole mix with Calvin Harris’ tracks interspersed with S.P.Y. and ‘Cold Hearted’ at the end. The third mix, I barely noticed at first, omitted Calvin. Reason for the delay: The other day I was roughing it in the cold to try and upload the files so I could review after converting because my iPad cannot reload the mixes after I mix them anymore. My hands were freezing pretty bad, but the iPad screen went sideways, distorted and then the battery sign went on before blanking out. I had plenty of battery, by the way. I thought that was the end of Ckwal for awhile. Luckily the iPad is okay it was just too cold. Overall I’m thinking all three mixes are of publishable quality and there is no way I can decide, especially after what I said about going there… Even with mostly the same tunes, though, they are pretty different. If you have a vote, send it over the traditional way by email to social@ckwal.net. Alternatively try to ethersphere me. Artist quicklinks below.

Go West
Will Smith –
Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey –
J.Lauryn –
Jordan Feliz –
Seven Lions –
Kill the Noise –
Max Vangeli –
Tiësto –
Z.Tao –
Anjulie –
No Mana –
Feed Me –
Calvin Harris –
Travis Scott –
A-Trak –
Swanky Tunes –
Jessie Reyez –
Going Deeper –
Madison Mars –
S.P.Y. –

Ckwal New Year Candidate #3

Candidate #3
UTC -8

After a long day of crowds, mixing, shopping for snacks and eating, I crashed and woke up in time to make this final year bridge mix. I was sleeping during the New Year in my time zone at the center in Nebraska.

-Positives: starts locking in after J.Lauryn’s voice messages, super high energy
-Negatives: sleepy startup with questionable transition to second track
-Could go either way: shorter mix time

(will update after further review)

Monday 1st January 2018, 2:10am (CST)
Monday 1st Jauary 2018, 12:10am (USA- Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, Portland-OR; Canada- Vancouver, Whitehorse; Mexico- Tijuana, Mexicali; U.K. – Pitcairn)((see reference sources on previous post))


CST 1:26am // West Coast 11:26pm

The King of Wishful Thinking – Go West sync
tempo up (starts at 113.x, raise tempo slowly throughout first 1 and a half minute)
1:30 Will 2K – Will Smith
tempo up to
1:34 Always Come Back 2 U – J. Lauryn
tempo down to
1:39 Witness – Jordan Feliz
filter up with delay, fader center, tempo down
1:43 Cold Hearted – Seven Lions & Kill the Noise
quick HP filter at the end, tempo down to 64 (1/2 of next bpm)
1:47 Game Changer – Max Vangeli no sync
with :19s left tempo up
Time (Tiësto Big Room Mix) – Z.Tao sync
:19s left fader center, keep tempo at 130bpm
1:55 Crazy Maybe (feat. Anjulie) [No Mana Remix] – Feed Me & Kill the Noise
tempo down to
1:59 // 11:59pm West Coast Time – Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper
tempo up at last 1:00min. and blend a bit at end with gater
2:02 // 12:02am, 2018 Magneto – Madison Mars
tempo down with verb, lows up and highs down to…
2:05 // 12:05am Cold Wave – S.P.Y.