I am doing more product research and now find out the Shure earbuds I wear have an earphone system in the line that includes a leather carrying case as well as Pioneer. This is really bad news. I almost always use headphones for mixing and listening and have to return this controller before I get to make Mix X.

Catch up II

I finished Pet Sematary and just over an hour of Happy Death Day 2U. Do we still have to go to one in the theater for July?

Final update 7.22

Crazy summer of Houston. Some places are less crowded and busy as school is out and some go on vacation out of town. I can’t remember what inspired this final update. Selena hasn’t posted anything recently on the main social accounts, so I can’t think of what she is doing because I don’t really follow her. I hear the songs on the radio and I bought For You Deluxe awhile back and on other even though I didn’t want to because of the revealing cover. You know what I mean? It was one of the most innocent pictures of that nature that I think has ever been done, so there is that talent. Now she is getting fresh with some singles and I don’t really know what to think. It’s funny I thought she was younger than Ariana and all all the stuff she said on her last couple of albums makes me think I have no concept of age anymore. I blame Russia. For better and worse, but mostly for the better. In high school I always got along with mostly students in older or younger grades. In the beginning of August is Adam Duritz’s birthday. What a similarity with last names that end with Z. Counting Crows was one of the first CDs I remember buying ever. August and Everything After. The crowd at my school gave me an identity that made me need to be bold to make such a purchase, like I would be a sissy or ‘gay’ or you know the words grade schoolers might use. There were a lot of fun supportive classmates and many bullies around me growing up and eventually many of my friends were fans of Counting Crows and I waited for a long time outside of the Aragon Ballroom in the freezing weather too see a show with him reinventing and telling the story of every song so we couldn’t sing along. I saw them several times over the years following and grew up to those albums. Oh that’s right, now I remember. I have now been in Houston for a year and a day…