11 days of January left

Ckwal is ahead of schedule and as the centerpiece of the lady shrine is healing, I’m thinking of more stuff to add to it as well as Ckwal’s agenda because I’m out of stuff to do. The tattoo looks good, but if you are a guy shaving for the first time on a leg and using the cheap plastic wrap bandage method, be prepared to take care of that for an additional week or longer. As Church Hill from Bread N’ Butter in Kearney says is that we don’t want it to heal to fast. I experienced that with the Oasis logo and had to scrape off a few layers using a boar bristle brush. As a vegan I recommend Saniderm though it’s pricey to add on top of Houston tattoo prices. Be sure to wrap it around to tape to itself so it stays on longer. What am I thinking of doing with Ckwal if I remain in single status? Probably do a movie of the month in theaters and dance club. I haven’t really been to the theaters or clubs since becoming a sober vegan, but since it’s an elite society of volatile sub culturists, I should fit right in with dance parties, but butter popcorn butter infused air may prove more difficult. Happy MLK Jr day and keep on dreaming. My world is still changing and dreams come true. Make new ones with ckwal.net. Just think, last year I was making leg warmers with MLK on it as one of my first sewing projects to stay warm in a homeless shelter!

2019 Inaugural Mix (Tiësto’s 50th Birthday)

7:43am to 9:06:45

I’ll post the notes tonight if possible. I may mix this again, but had a good celebration
this morning.

I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice
All On You (If I Can See) – Bali Bandits
Mia (Extended Mix) – David Tort
Dark Sky – Dropgun
Further – Attlas
Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) – Bazzi
Destination – Desiigner
Decipher – Mefjus
Put ‘Em Up – Hedo
Understanding the Possibility – G Jones
Spaceship (feat. Uffie) – Galantis
Bushman – Furo
Crazy (Tiësto’s Big Room Mix) (Tiësto’s Big Room Extended Mix) – Tiësto & Dzeko
Selecao (feat. Shovell) – Mark Knight
Riptide – Mark Villa
Fomento (Extended Mix) – Asco
Crash – Dino Maggiorana
Gun Control – Gianka
Bergen (Extended Mix) – Purple Haze
Colour (feat. Hailee Steinfeld) – MNEK

Tiësto’s Birthday

Probably the most world reknown DJ is turning 50 tomorrow as far as I know. I’m scrambling to complete mix one of twenty nineteen by tomorrow midnight (central time CST). At one point when I was listening to all the top podcasts, which I listed on this blog, I became angry with them. I deleted all of them and proclaimed to never listen again. My iPhone was clear of mixes I listened to sometimes three plus hours a day to exercising and hiking for around a year or more. Then within a week or so, ‘Tiësto’s Clublife’ reappeared magically on my iPhone 5, which I bought mainly to support the Clublife app at the time. I gave it one more chance and since then never gave up new music by such DJs. I eventually stopped listening to podcasts and too many mixes to make my own, but I still go back to their original tracks and labels for trustworthy selections. Thanks again and Happy 50th! May you find the energy you can’t live without.