Tattoo Machine

Today was day one of a two day lesson. There was a battle in my mind for a lot of last night after I posted ‘Queen City pt.3’ and for the first half of today while I sewed. With every project one gets a little bit better. Same with every drawing you redo of the same subject. I usually look forward to stopping by the shop to show Miguel some drawings and hang out a little bit, but today I was obsessed with the line idea. The idea transformed into how am I crossing over into being more of a tattoo artist than a DJ? I am looking at this as an actual job possibility, but I had been getting tattoos as a fan of the art and a social opportunity or overall scene clique. So I was really close to calling off continuing this part of the ‘Tattoo Journey’. I dragged myself in with a few designs already on paper with transfer ink and said to myself, I can’t wait to get this over with. Miguel too a lot of time to show me how to set up the rotary, explaining in details and getting me to repeat and break down the machine. I improperly opened a needle on first attempt and it went like that… one, two, three, four needles in the trash. Put the needle in like this and you gonna f*** up someone’s skin. Do this with the needle and it’s garbage. Now I think it’s too late to get out of tattooing despite verbal disapproval from my Mother and Nanna so far. One comment was, it’s wrong. Well, it’s a job and a popular art form that people pay for. Not everyone pays for music and I feel lucky to get into something like this even if it isn’t my main thing. Tattoos have complimented music well and to learn it can only benefit the two in the long run. So after sewing most of the morning for another job and fighting with myself about not wanting to do either opportunities, I got through important info on a major step of getting ready to tattoo and finished a lot more of the khaki shorts (which will be around my seventh sewing project). The ups and downs of any journey are something to grapple with and the major turning points are not to be taken too lightly. In addition I may add a sewing journey subsection to the back burner to document those experiences as well because it is an almost necessary skill for a vegan to learn.

Queen City pt.3

I wasn’t going to do another post for Queen City. It was a quiet, nice day outside for the most part on my early evening walk before the sunset. After dinner I decided to make sure I at least looked over all the artists’ demo pictures. Three more artists without accompanying music.

Ryan Bratt

I skipped posting this artist in the second round. I clicked the highlighted ad from the Festival site twice remembering why and decided to let it go. His own website is called ‘Draw the Line Tattoo Club’. It’s a concept that has a double meaning for myself thinking about it. His artwork is very distinct. Clear lines that make the tattoos admirable and placements in coordination with the clients that draw a line of choice for the viewer in some cases. Possibly it’s a promo/publicity/photography border as well. Artwork and sexuality. Porn gateways vs. tasteful nudity. With tattoos it’s especially important to consider and not take away someone’s attractiveness or sexuality unless it is the stated desirable effect. This isn’t always the artists’ responsibility or the customers’ necessarily. Nor is it always possible I would think. Well rounded talent in many of the touchy areas of body art. No pun intended.

David Pracise “Ink Jefe”

The full back dragon piece was David’s demo. The reason I clicked to consider more for the post. His other stuff is different and soulful. Seems like he can do anything if inspired though he doesn’t choose for it to compete with the pallet’s personality. Another important philosophical point to consider.

Rocky Esparaza

Final selection for the last post of the three part series. I went over all the profile pictures, though I didn’t check every instagram link. Rocky generates inspiration and I interpret it’s representation as ‘being modest’. Hard to say if artists put all their best work online or what their policy on this is. It would be interesting to interview on that topic and the reasons for their point of view, though it may be best to leave it at that. I like the most recent original design, tearaway sections of Wonder Woman and the Death Card for examples. The festival profile highlight of black scaled Spiderman finally caught my eye, but there are several techniques in this portfolio highlighted.

Pt. 2, Pt. 1

Columbus Day

Columbus was an Italian explorer who arrived to the ‘New World’ on three Spanish ships. He was trying to find a faster route to the Far East only to land in what is now the Americas. I used to celebrate Columbus day with travelling or thinking of international job applications. I finished my second certificate course online at the end of last week and asked them about online jobs to find out they have mostly work abroad. Also, the tattoo shop I am getting artistic homework from everyday is busy over the weekend and I brought in my work to show today. Wednesday I’ll be trying the actual tattoo machine on the ‘practice skin’. Finally, I’m sewing quickly to finish the khaki shorts for the second interview at the golf course after passing phone interview and thirty minute assessment. These could be good news. There was a heavy, humid gloom under the bright sky over Houston. Everywhere was slightly dispirited and empty despite getting ahead start on projects. Antagonism. Lacklustre.

New Magic Tape was announced to be published tomorrow.

Couple of songs, good night. 1, 2