This is bringing together the first two mixes of the year with a special edition. There are a couple tracks from ‘Stasha’s Mix’ and using Maroon 5 plus similar style conflicts from the first mix of the year. It’s the general difficulty of fusing all these together in which I realized I should start making some of these myself (to make sure they can be done). Without too many track choices at the moment in my library, I am basically throwing most of them out there. I’ll update you when I think I am going to mix a really fresh summer kickoff. Special thanks and farewell to Magan from crossroads center.

Monday 16th April 2018, 17:54

Felix Cartal – Walking By (feat. Iselin) –Felix Cartal's InstagramIselin's Instagram Album Version
Mahalo – Good Vibes Only –Mahalo's Twitter
Boys Noize – Starwin –Boys Noize's Instagram
Maroon 5 – Wait –Maroon 5's Instagram CLEAN Album Version
Luke Bryan – Light It Up –Luke Bryan's Instagram
Julian Calor – You Can Have the World –Julian Calor's Instagram
Phantogram – Fall In Love (Until The Ribbon Breaks Reimagination) –Phantogram's InstagramUntil The Ribbon Breaks' Instagram
CADE – Sorry for Myself –Cade's Instagram
Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Kendrick’s Socials –Kendrick's InstagramKendrick's Twitter CLEAN Album Version
Julian Calor – Charge Me Up –Julian Calor's Soundcloud

For more listening online I have just finished this mix (Tiësto – Live at Ultra Music Festival 2018) while linking albums on the Mix in the Makings.

Mix in the Making #5 Encore

This was going to be for ‘Mix in the Making #6’
However with the ways things are going, I think I may start fresh with #6 this weekend since it is only halfway through April. I was just reviewing these and added some more albums at the bottom. So here is more homework for you over-achievers looking to spin more burns poolside. Disclaimer: Not all tracks that are EXPLICIT are marked as such (at the time of this post).

Mix in the Making #6 #5 Encore
Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes or Whatever It Takes (Jorgen Odegard Remix)
Luke Bryan – Light It Up
Wet – There’s a Reason
Whipped Cream & KTRL – Gray?
LOCASH – Don’t Get Better Than That
Radiology – Phobia
R3HAB & Waysons – Shanghai or
R3HAB & Khrebto – You Could Be
Kayliox & A-SHO – Ocean (Alex Schulz Remix) from Pack The Pool
The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations or Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Mike Williams X Dastic – You & I (BVRNOUT Remix)
Felix Cartal – Walking By (feat. Iselin) goes well to…
KillSonik – Never Dream Of Dying or Marren Morris – I Could Use a Love Song
Axel Boy – Days Gone?
Flite – Progression (goes well to LOCASH)
Seven Lions & Jason Ross – The Sirens
Krewella – Fortune ft. Diskord (what about New World Pt. 1? Lots of other recent Krewella releases passed on)
Koven – My Love
Kane Brown – What Ifs (feat. Lauren Alaina)
Operator – Soulcrusher
The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar – Pray for Me (from Black Panther)
Dr. Meaker – Dirt & Soul ft. Laurent John & Celestine (Voltage & Dr. Meaker Remix) (others from this album)
Dr. Meaker – Wanna Feel Love ft. Yolanda (Octo-Pi & Dr Meaker Remix)

Already out that might have good choices on them-
Charli XCX – Pop 2 EXPLICIT
From above to add: Porsche (feat. MO), Unlock It (feat Kim Petras and Jay Park) or Delicious (feat. Tommy Cash)
Purple Haze – Sectrvm
Already used ‘Neiloj’
Taylor Swift – reputation
Dr. Meaker – Dirt & Soul Collaborated (good for working) Original Versions Album
Two in above list already

Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic EXPLICIT
Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino EXPLICIT

Rings a bell (also out later)-
Johnny Marr , Morcheeba , Illan Bluestone & Simian Mobile Disco ?

​Other notes:
listened to Dr. Fresch – The Prescription 036: WHIPPED CREAM Guest Mix 4/8/18
Like Seven Lions & Jason Ross – Ocean (Feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn), but don’t use it
​White Zombie?
Catch up with UKF’s SoundCloud
and Circus Records’
-new rusko is spacious and different styles: reggae, maryj industrial rainy (relisten full)

CKWAL Mix 2018-1

As a follow up or in connection with the previous post, this is the first official MixList of the year. I had a couple unused tracks and bought some new ones after the post saying I had only one song on my iPad for several months. I thought I’d try to put these together. This mix is dedicated to J.R. & Family.

Monday 9th April 2018, 15:07

KIDZ BOP Kids – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever –KIDZ BOP&#039s; Instagram
Kaskade & CID – Us –Kaskade&#039s; InstagramCID&#039s; Instagram
Jauz – In the Zone (feat. Example) –Jauz&#039s; InstagramExample&#039s; Instagram EXPLICIT
Calvin Harris – My Way (offaiah Remix) –Calvin Harris' Instagramoffaiah&#039s; Instagram
Wisin – Esta Noche Lo Vamos a Hacer –Wisin&#039s; Instagram
Ace of Base – The Sign –Ace of Base's Soundcloud
Maroon 5 – New Love –Maroon 5&#039s; Instagram CLEAN VERSION
Miley Cyrus – Bad Mood –Miley Cyrus' Instagram
Sigma – Nobody to Love –Sigma&#039s; Instagram
50 Cent – Winners Circle (feat. Guordan Banks) –50 Cent&#039s; InstagramGuordan Banks' Instagram EXPLICIT this link is to the clean, deluxe album
Darius Rucker – Life’s Too Short –Darius Rucker&#039s; Instagram
Vertical Church Band – Spirit of the Living God –Vertical Worship&#039s; Instagram
Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do (feat. SZA) –Maroon 5&#039s; InstagramSZA&#039s; Instagram from clean deluxe album
Wisin – Prohibida (feat. Zion & Lennox) –Wisin&#039s; InstagramZion & Lennox&#039s; Instagram

What is Ckwal doing this summer?

The ‘Mix in the Making’ series is a great break for me in some ways. It is an educational outline or a place to start for someone with little time to make mixes or to start listening to good music. It has also given me space to make up progress in some other areas I am lacking professionally and personally. Not only in the present and future, but in my beliefs with entertainment culture pertaining to ethics, popular trends vs. traditional beliefs, ‘crime and punishment’ (so to speak) and how we express our value to one another; whether it be love, family, friendship, work relationships or plain and tough business. I finally bit the bullet with a little push from myself and peers. Avoiding a total deviation from Ckwal’s original mission statement, I bought a new iPod touch and offically formed Ckwal as a volunteer, music service business. All that practice on the glitchy, failing iPad helped me prepare for going back to a smaller screen size with better speed and reliability. My first mix was a remake of Ckwal Mix 2017020 (Stasha’s Mix). I lost this mix because it wouldn’t back up. I could play it for awhile and then I even bought a used recorder to record it. By the time the recorder arrived, it wouldn’t play in entirety. I sold the recorder without using it and was able to scrap together a few more mixes together (including the New Year bridge mixes) using some computer tricks, but recently I couldn’t use the DJ application at all. I later dedicated this mix to Stasha because she was an inspiration at the time of making this mix. Usually I don’t tell many employers or people about this website while I am still working around them, but as Ckwal is a volunteer company, I sometimes like to thank them for hiring me or what some of my income may be going towards to return the motivation I get to keep paying forward the non-monetary appreciations. So, thanks goes out to the Advance Auto Parts and Carquest operation of stores. I look forward to bringing some new mixes this summer to from tracks I’ve already posted, to ones that are yet to be released or discovered in all styles.


Also, thanks to Barclays.

Strict vegan update

More bad news. After noticing new changes on the labels, I contacted the company that makes Vega. Then, I recently did more reasearch. I remembered something Hershey said about this, but it didn’t register. Seems my old definition for strict vegan is now very difficult to follow in the store. It was based on a suggested label addition in concern to food allergies in this FDA Act of 2004. Apparently these phrases are what companies should be putting on their labels. It is not required by law. So, I guess some of us have a new choice to make. Others like myself may have to wait until we have a kitchen. This may seem like no big deal to most people, but I was looking for those since I saw them when I first decided to become vegan instead of vegetarian. Ironic Vega broke it when their cartons malfuntioned and I had veggie power shake all over me several days in a row. I didn’t tell them about how all four leaked on me because that could have happened anywhere along the delivery chain. So until the act is amended to say ‘must be labelled’ this way, look for the ones that may say in a facility ‘free’ of them. It isn’t being redundant because even will approve it for being vegan as long as they are strict with storage and sanitation, or at least they did as far as I know when writing this post. Will we be able to go as far as being vegan is a job requirement in comparison to skills or experience? How much experience? “Are you experienced?”

New ‘survival basics’ vegan products

I have received email verification that these survival tools are animal product and testing free.

Some or most Sew-ology threads… I have verified only a few I have recently used (threads 1254549 col2108, 1255637 col1414, 1254580 col1001 and 1254507 col1008). If you are worried about specific dye testings or colors, email a retailer that sells these.

Available from Hobby Lobby, these fabrics/trims/other : Jersey Knit-Gray 945550, 1510981 Style 2306R (Black trim) Dantex, Sparkle elastic trim item 1257526, Black Flannel 617332 and Winter White (anti pill, polar fleece type) 827220 plus 1343946 Sew-on magnetic snap (Sew-ology).

Shoe Goo. I have purchased this and see it at several Walmart stores. It helped me survive a long period when I couldn’t afford new shoes. Repair the soles and more with excellent longevity per application.

Also, Huffy bicycles claim to be all man made materials and cruelty free.

I have asked about these three’s suppliers and very specific in my questioning. Of course this isn’t an official vegan verified stamp of approval. Those companies (such as may visit and monitor specific products independently.

Rejected on my list is Pentel as they are unsure. Ironic my tattoo is in Chinese as this seems to be a big reason why a company may be unsure. I seem to have read on the internet that Pilot is without question 100% cruelty free and animal product free, but I haven’t communicated with them yet. Other general companies to reject in the cruelty arena are most large ones in many necessity product categories (floss, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper and cleaning supplies). There are many alternatives labelled as cruelty free in specialty shops and large grocery stores as well. I don’t know enough about this as a lot of it is required by law (which is something I cannot slightly comprehend anymore) and pictures on the internet show what they show. You can reject my information, but it is the truth. I am growing with it not as a lecturer, but as a musician who has been forced to find out the truth for myself for health reasons that professionals failed to solve. If I didn’t tell you, later in life you would be angrier at me, this goes for any age.

Thanks to the helpful customer service representatives who have taken the time to find out this information and responded politely.

Side note: Upgraded search to the right bar.

You may see some additions to this page of findings as the research continues. I guess while I am at it, I forgot to share this mix with you from around eight months ago. Whipped Cream is one of those younger DJs that might think I am stalking them, but I’m just really protective. Here it is.

​ Mix in the Making #5

This is homework for May. It’s a long list and if I add anymore to it you won’t be able to choose. If you are doing an encore it might be easier, but I would guess someone wouldn’t use this list exclusively except for myself. Even when I am mixing from a list like this I make some impulse buys and tracks are released on the day I decided to buy and I can’t resist the freshest track sound to go along with the rest. The only section to check back on this post is the mixes section which I will be optionally updating until the next ‘Mix in the Making’. Thanks for reading and it’s exciting to share that this summer will be jam packed with way too much good music for everyone to remember it by and enough to save some to find for another year.

Artist – Title
Ummet Ozcan – Krypton
Streex – Down (feat. The Ready Set)
The Glitch Mob – Take Me With You (Ft. Arama)
A Perfect Circle – TalkTalk
Vertical Church Band – Spirit of the Living God
Cole Swindell – Middle Of A Memory
Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight
Chris Tomlin – Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies]
Michael Ray – Get to You
Cheat Codes feat. Kiiara – Put Me Back Together
Jaytech – Song of Fire (also Song of Fire EP is considerable)
Martin Roth – Hypno Seq
Grum – Hourglass
Gent & Jawns – Track 1,2 or 3 from ‘The Meaning’ EP on Monstercat (The Meaning, Reconcile (feat. LIZ) or Champion Sound)
Merk & Kremont – Fire
From KIDZ BOP 35 – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
Empire of the Sun – On Our Way Home
Calvin Harris – My Way (offaiah remix)

From This Song is Sick‘s Chill Vol. 40
Taska Black – Dead Inside (ft. Ayelle)
Tuff Ghost – Waterslide
Triarchy – Bad Habit (Feat. Skela)
Kasbo – Over You (feat. Frida Sundemo)
Whethan – Be Like You (feat. Broods)
Darci – At Least

review most selections via official soundcloud aritist or label page (almost always cross referenced with orange and white stars and links to official accounts in grey on the right sidebar)
those not listed on soundcloud can be reviewed on youtube via official verified artist page (grey check mark) or identified by VEVO branding next to artist’s name

New Album Discovery Section

Out already (in case you forgot or missed them):
Beck – Colors EXPLICIT
Lot of new Anjunabeats releases found on iTunes (week of March 26th in Dance Pop genre section)
Teddy Killerz – Hellblade EP on EATBRAIN
A Tribe Called Quest – We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service CLEAN Version
Miley Cyrus – Younger Now
Maroon 5 – Red Pill Blues (Deluxe)
The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy, CLEAN Version
12th Planet – Let Us Prey EP
Bakermat feat. Kiesza – Don’t Want You Back (Remixes) CLEAN Version

Alison Wonderland – Awake EXPLICIT
Snow Patrol – Wildness (Deluxe)
The Voidz – Virtue EXPLICIT
Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite – No Mercy In This Land (Deluxe Edition)
Ray LaMontagne – Part of the Light

Check back through May for this updatable list:
(Vouching for these mixes)

*Miss Monique’s latest mix
songs to add to this list at *11 or 12 min. in above mix and at about 40 or 41 minutes
*Penthouse Penthouse’s Coachella Weekend 2 Travel Mix from last year.
Almost none of those track versions are available.
*The Magician’s latest live mix from Miami
*Another mix from Whipped Cream on this post. (A NEST HQ exclusive)

Update (End of March, ’18)

New ‘Mix in the Making’ will be posted in a week or so… It’s already nearly thirty tracks long with choices for a mix to complete by May 1st. I’m keeping the new album section for now and will be updating a new section like I sort of had before with mixes I have listened to and pass on to you.

Side note: Most of the stuff I approve to post isn’t normally excessively explicit unless that is what I think is needed at the time. In general I think people swear too much. Any words one uses over and over makes them loose their sting, meaning or seriousness. I guess I am guilty of this sometimes because society is numb to certain concepts. There was a song with J.Lauryn singing that sounded like she was swearing, but it was listed in the lyrics as ‘He knows how to fun me like that’. This is not proper grammar, but that is a lyrical license songwriters have to break different rules to make new meaning that isn’t tired.

Also, Ckwal’s only album is not going to iTunes in April as I updated in several posts.