Other updates

If you were searching for Guddi Shah based on a previous update about radio Dabang, I apologize. They are making inconvenient changes right after I made those two posts and a public praise on her bio blub via their website. The first public comment I have made in like five years after leaving the social networks. That kind of behavior is predictable though as it has been the story of my life for awhile. Chester from Linkin Park committed suicide on my birthday last year and my Poppa and friend died two days before my birthday this year when I moved to Houston. How long does it take for one’s luck to turn around? Did I trade it by writing/recording SKMillion’s ‘Luck’ album in 2011ish? Well, yesterday, to change ‘if possible’ on the last post, I bought a Numark mixer and media turntable to get practicing for the year bridge thanks to Guitar Center. I have a library of music from Owsla’s old Drip on my Berklee drive, but not much else, so I’ll be squeezing in some tunes from the latest lists along with the Karma video journey and tats to my budget

Just Added Update

This post I am updating as I am writing this is going to be too full to add anymore. I may tweak the nostalgia sections, but any new tracks will be shared on a future post.

I am on my fifth tattoo since December 15th, 2017 and will probably add to it twice to sync up with these ‘just added’ updates. I originally said I was trying to get as many tattoos as mixes (9). That update I took down because it shook my world. It looks like it may close to happening. There were seven mixes plus a bridge mix in August 2018 before I had to sell my iPod. Besides that I am planning the usual end of the year mix to launch 2019 from Houston if possible.

Review all the mixes on this post since New Year’s Eve 2015-2016 which is also found within a quick link to the right sidebar.

Vegan shoes

I’m looking for new sandals and probably work shoes. I was hesitant to keep wearing the Converse All Rubber Chuck Taylor’s because they are now associated with Nike as I was going on about in a previous update. I just read they have wool in them after a customer service rep. on the Nike.com chat told me they were vegan before I bought them. Now, a new rep. told me that don’t have that update yet…
I got rid of pretty much all my socks that were associated with any company that makes shoes with leather as well. It’s pretty irritating for someone to make what they call a vegan model of a shoe and then have leather on another. There are some on REI.com that look pretty good. Also, people playing games with imitation leather like it’s really fun to see someone uncomfortable about their surroundings. To me veganism is a religion because it brought me to the mission in Chicago and back to church, but also because sometimes it keeps me alive when I think my faith is failing me. So, to play games with it really is a serious thing. You can call artists’ instruments and drivers’ cars toys on another example, but if you aren’t living for something – you are dying to something.

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