Fifth Day of Christmas

Five Gold Rings.

     Most of the mixes on contain a serious element of bond between the songs other than being mixed together. This is powerful music. If you are weak as a listener, the mix will make you a better overall person. As the adage says, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Some include a jewel or mention of diamond/diamond ring which is a symbol of unbreakable power and a life expectancy beyond our human bodies. This should be intimidating as their beauty is deceiving. Like a bodybuilder or an expensive car, the maintenance and dedication is a commitment that some people underestimate. From reading the Red Queen, we learned about classes of people which can carry over to today’s society in shapes and forms of colors or metals in their symbols. The three most notable being Gold, Platinum and Silver. Of the symbolic or meaningful colors in this context of silent communication we speak of are mostly red, green or blue. Another popular one for youth, which also last into old age are birthstones or pearls. They may refer to a favorite month you enjoy, your partner’s birth month, or an important date when a couple first met or got married. In these mixes as someone who commits long periods of time combining songs and working for the perfect union of songs and emotions with people or ideas in mind, I sometimes will commit a person in time or group of people to these mixes. Music does this to us and it evolves over time. Sometimes it stays in it’s preserved form forever and listening back I remember the person as the music reflected to me as if captured in a portrait hanging in a museum.

     I guess this concept grows further with concerts, big events and groups of people with disc jockeys overtime. They grow together and individually while ‘orbiting’ the earth picking up new followers and losing others along the way. DJs add experience and repertoire as well as collaborate with new musicians. Some branch out of styles for complete albums and may return to their roots like Tiësto. I was going to list all the diamond songs and possibly review their dedications, but there are more than five to review that can pertain to this line of our theme, “Five Gold Rings”. In addition to counting down the twelve day of Christmas, this also tells about what is on my mind in choosing the Year-line mix bond song or songs that accompany our sort of virtual host, Will Smith, to carry us into 2018 with Will 2K (Willenium). Yea this was for the year 2000 when we thought every computer was going to shut down due to bad date programming or a bug everyone overlooked. Now we look at so many LCDs with gelatin in them and cringe and may be a vegan hacker will get pissed and crash us all in 2020, but lets focus on next year.

     As I am in Nebraska I think about Adam Duritz and his song ‘Long December’ . This entire year has been challenging, trying to find a new home and a career while keeping an increasingly strict vegan diet and lifestyle while living from one homeless shelter to the next. I wouldn’t have made it without support from the music and the people and places it led me to join. It may seem like a lot of talking or explaining to do and may be I reveal too many secrets on this webpage, but as I was an international teacher for quite some time after touring the States alongside Dave Matthews Band post graduation from Berklee College of Music, I sometimes sense an obligation to at least inform would-be stumblers online or ‘out there’. Many people go along thinking everyone lives and understands the same knowledge, but the world isn’t very small after all, unlike a Disney song lyrics say. Although it does feel small sometimes.

     Anyways, I thought I’d recap as this Christmas countdown is almost half over and we’ll all probably be a little busy thinking of how to make next year proportionally better across many measurable and immeasurable ways. So, let’s just recap the mixes with some mention of gold in the title or lyrics, the obivous audible extended hardrock ring like the entire album of Chevelle we recently listed and one interpretation of Drake’s song, “10 Bands”. I’ll save any details on these mixes for another time and add the mix I mentioned yesterday instead following these links.

Gold – Marina & the Diamonds from 16012
Anymore – Goldfrapp from 17008
Midas Touch – Ellie Goulding & Burns from 17008 Part II
Gold – Michael Woods from 17008 Part III
No Way Out (feat. GoldLink) – Xavier Omär from 17010
10 Bands – Drake from UNP01
Souq – Thomas Gold & Uberdrop from UNP05
Golden Hearts (feat. Alice Berg) [Dannic Edit] – BYNON & Domeno from 17014
Golden Hearts (feat. Alice Berg & Dannic) [Alice Berg Cover] – BYNON & Domeno from Dedicated Mix #2
Egyptian Lover (Latmun Remix) – The Golden Boy from 012 AV Part II Halloween ’17 Edit
The Damned & Under the Knife – Chevelle from 1719 Encore
Ouija Board – Chevelle from 17020

Use this page for the first and last tracks of every mix, plus links for all mixes in one place.

Monday 11th December 2017, 7:47

Bones of Man (Gareth Emery Remix) – Equador
On the Floor – Dino Maggiorana
overlap about 1:33 with…
Serifos – Provenzano
Loco (feat. Reverie) – NERVO & Danny Avila
Acido – Seedy Jazz
last min. or so gradually increase tempo to 150…
Nova Machine – MUST DIE!
transition with flange after sync up, partial overlap and tempo change to 80…
Attic – Sirenz
Chromatek – Bassnectar & G Jones
Iced Out – BURNS
Worriers – Tontario
Ink (Live At Le Casino De Paris, Paris) – Coldplay

This post is dedicated to Marco and Praiya of Thailand. Can’t wait to see you guys again.


The ‘Five Golden Rings’ post needs further editing and time to simmer as it is also going to be somewhat of a year recap and philosophy blog post. So, check out this page and click on calendar to buy tickets for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. Also, I was able to get three more tracks to see if I can use some of the previously listed ones to work an official 2017021 or alternate version to accompany the swans swimming or ladies dancing. I don’t think there will be a favorites mix as there were already a lot old favorites and flashbacks/redos/dedication remakes. There might be a Christmas themed mix with one or two holiday songs with the rest being newer or previously never-played releases. This mix may have a couple parts and then if everything goes well there will be a third successful year-line mix which bridges the two years together. If not successful at the midnight time going into 2018 in Central time of the US, then I will reattempt several times and whatever dateline it lands on for 2017-2018 will get the dedication to the corresponding countries lying there. Possibly I’ll even plan to go there in 2018.

Fourth Day of Christmas


Today my creativity is struggling. So, I typed the lyric into google for instagram and found these tattoo designs. Then I typed the hash tag into instagram and picked a few more on this theme with the hash tag representing.

@eshakespeare’s 4 angry calling birds

@_sarah_matthews’ 4 gold (also looking angry) calling birds

@betsy_siber’s 4 possibly mischievous calling birds

@dancing_gypsy’s sketch of 4 ‘in awe’ calling birds

@awakeningteencamps’ 4 penguins waiting in line for a pay phone

@oracleofstars’ abstract gossipy birds

@alexjohnlucas’ 4 cute birds at a ‘C’ phone

and finally these girls @agriecs’ “Santa’s chixxx”

Third Day of Christmas

“On the Third day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Three French Hens.”

The Vegan Boulangerie
The best of traditional French baking…egg and dairy-free
get it on

This mix starts a little bit like Sirius radio or a playlist though it isn’t completely unmixed. I made some other mixes, but they couldn’t be reviewed. I ordered a small recorder to back up Mix 020 and I am out of new music for another week, so there will be somewhat of a delay until the next official main mix. This one below is, I guess, a cooking mix to listen to if you buy or receive this cookbook for the ‘Third Day of Christmas’ from your true love. It is definitely not perfect, but my iPad does not produce perfect mixes anymore.

Wednesday 6th December 2017, 21:29

Silence (Naderi Remix) – THEY. EXPLICIT
If Love Is the Law – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
No Te Olvides – Prince Royce
Nod Ya Head (The Remix) – Will Smith
This Is Not About Us – Banks
Too Soon (feat. Maty Noyes) [Snareskin Remix] – Vanic
Get What You Give – Felix Cartal
Bones of Man (Gareth Emery Remix) – Equador
Change – Dino Maggiorana
Loco (feat. Reverie) – NERVO & Danny Avila
Nobody Else – Retrovision & Raven & Kreyn
Acido – Seedy Jazz
Elements – Dino Maggiorana

Second Day of Christmas

“On the Second day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Two Turtle Doves.”

From ’21 Facts on Turtle Doves’,

“The turtle dove’s song is a gentle, soporific purring, usually delivered from cover; where the birds are present it can be heard all summer.”

Going with our theme, I present you with two songs new to me this year.

I heard this bluesy track on the radio today. “Merry Christmas Baby” by Hunter Hayes.

…and a single off the new Christmas release from Gwen Stefani. You may know her from No Doubt. One of the tracks from this album is in the Christmas mix I plan to make near the twenty-fifth. What’s great about this album so far are the classic tunes combined with the most unique voice of Gwen, like how the Turtle Dove is endangered in the U.K … :/(read about it).

12 Days of Christmas – First Day of Christmas

For lack of better findings, I’m settling on a theme for the next twelve days approximately. Using the lyrics of the popular Christmas song, I’ll post some gift ideas, news article or at least one link pertaining to that gift of Christmas. If other stuff shows up in my search I’ll do additional postings.

“On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me
a Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

Holiday Pears and Wine Basket from Harry & David with birds on the pear box.

Tibetan Silver Partridge Charm from MossyCabin on

Pear Trees from Willis Orchards

Blown-glass ornament of Partridge & Pear by Reed & Barton on

Puzzle gift box on Zazzle by BeeHappyNow

Sandals on by Kristine Kainer

For a different 12 Days of Christmas you can watch ‘Shrek the Halls’ on DVD. Order it here from for various prices starting at 5$

Good version of this traditional song by The Bird and the Bee on Soundcloud. I found this version by searching and the only one that showed up was on June Mendoza’s page.

Dog Treats (Animal Product Free)

Oh this is funny. Well not really. I was trying to find a bone shaped cookie cutter to make treats for the animal shelter I am volunteering at and researching recipes, (there are two dogs there looking for a home who would make a good companions ((Evelyn and Hudson)) and Khalid’s new tour would approve!), when suddenly holiday Vegan Dog Treats appeared at Target. They don’t say they are Vegan verified, because when have you heard of these ground-breaking, modern Dogs? Although a little suspicious, I was glad because I didn’t want to figure out how I was going to cook dog treats in the park and figure out how to dry them enough to get the moisture ratio right. Here is the link for these Santa Snacks – Kringle’s Cookies by Blue Buffalo – Order online or try browsing the pet section at your local Target store. I am not sponsored by anyone I mention on this site by the way, although TD Bank extends me an unassociated line of credit on their Red Card which will get you another 5% off everything. Say a less guilty ‘Merry Christmas’ to your Dog from us.

Hanukkah Cookies (Vegan)

I may get to do one MixList within the next two weeks. Until then I’ll post other festive findings. As planned I managed to scour deep in the online search for a great start to Vegan desserts that are leaning toward Jewish tradition.

Dec. 12th to the 20th is Hanukkah
Lauren Conrad’s 2016 blog post on Vegan Paleo Hanukkah Cookies
found via Pinterest.’s Vegan Holiday Cookie Recipes
has Rugelach (a Jewish pastry of Ashkenazic origin) towards the bottom.

Greyt Vegan Life’s WordPress
A post with pictures from 2010 including a story. Mouthwatering star cookies, by the looks of them, with ‘hard-to-find’ replacement ingredients. Order them online if you have time or see one of the posts above for other substitution ideas.

Top Male Feature Vocalists (Unofficial top 15 a.k.a. Top List 02)

I was trying to finish this list for November, but it probably won’t happen ever.

My new favorite feature vocalist is Khalid1 who sounds like
Calvin Harris2 to me on his album. Actually I wanted to hear Calvin sing on his latest release, but instead he chose mega-stars or soon to be mega-stars. Khalid has some of his own tracks, but sounds consistently unique on these features.

Since I started listening to this particular way of making music in this modern scene, I always pretty much liked Matt Koma3, though I haven’t heard him lately.

Also, Jonathan Mendelsohn4 needs to be on more tracks like ‘Open My Eyes’ by Tom Swoon.

Requesting more clean dark and true tracks similar to ‘Get Busy’ from Matisse & Sadko with featured vocalist Titus5.

Some others on the top list would be Alex Aris6,
the singer from Mako8 (who should do features on others tunes),
Jake Reese9 from ‘Mad World’,
Giuseppe De Luca10,
Alex Joseph12,
Gavin Beach 13
and Rumors14 from Heldens’ ‘Ghost Town’.

Finally let’s talk about the vocal on one of my favorite tracks: Marc Kinchen‘s ‘Piece of Me’ [Camelphat Remix]. The voice that was created unless I’m misreading something here. It says it’s featuring Becky Hill, but the voice they manipulated15 sounds male and an amazing one at that. I have been fooled since I first heard it. Usually when they lower the voice it ends up sounding like my Mom doing a bad fake-out.

Special thanks to Felix Cartal and Gareth Emery, the Procurers of Male vocalists, too. Gareth’s Soundcloud link Felix’s Soundcloud link

Most links on this post go to a Soundcloud search for that vocalist which are mostly accurate to the singer listed. Most Soundcloud pages have other social links to visit on the right sidebar or under the track with the information. These default to a track search, so another way to find their own profile is to click ‘people’ and look for the orange star or most official looking page in the results.

See the female top lists here.