Next year, ‘Year of …’

Last year’s diversion from weekly mixes was body art which technically ends on the 15th of December. This year I will either be going back to more regular mixes or doing something similar. One idea was to start watching movies again and to tie in a mix with the movie or some other kind of theme that goes along with the movie of the month or week or whatever. If you get any other ideas send me a heads up. On the pirates’ karma journey, I bought Mario Kart for Wii before getting a diamond on my ankle. I was looking for Princess Peach on a motorcycle as pictured on the cover, but it was a little out of my range for now. So, don’t take it yet! Also, I bought three seasons of Portlandia and re-sold them on eBay for a steal! Well I lost money, but that was the point – pay back, pay forward. The world works sometimes if you have the patience and creativity.

Updating ‘Bridge Candidates’
Some updates on ‘Just Added Continued’

Year of tattoos continued

Yesterday I finally went to a new shop and got tattoo number six. I was trying to make it out to Red Dagger on a recommendation, but the buses don’t go there on Sunday and I don’t think they are open. I finally made it to Rampage Tattoo after talking to a couple other parlors. Number five was from Richmond tattoo by Brandon Madrid on Richmond and number six was from Rampage on Westheimer Rd. by Michael Hoffman in the Montrose area. I have called this street area ‘tattoo alley’ on airbnb city reviews as there are plenty of shops to find your available artist and/or design. Take the bus up and down Westheimer if you are in town for only a day and reserve a booking at the Hi Houston Hostel (Morty Rich) nearby or at International Hostel for affordable stays in the museum district. In the Montrose area you can find various live music and rare shopping as well as upscale shopping further west in the Galleria. By the International Hostel you can find art museums, restaurants and more. It is also possible to walk, bus or bike between the two by the connecting Montrose Boulevard.

Link for more on my tattoo journey and others can be found by searching in the side bar.

Year of tattoos started on December 15th, 2017

2018-2019 Bridge Mix Candidates

There are unmade mixes and just added lists. I’ll try to make some more when I get the second media player, but I have to buy the music and thinking of recording to cassette. These are the bridge list main candidates to be updated.

Cardi B – Ring (feat. Kehlani)
Dean Lewis – Be Alright
Lil Wayne – Mona Lisa (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [Radio Edit]
LL Cool J – Around the Way Girl
Wolfgang Gartner – Deja Vu
Calvin Harris, Sam Smith – Promises (MK Remix)
Zen/it – Rêve
Alan Walker – Darkside (Afrojack & Chasner Remix)
Enrique Iglesias, Nicky Jam – El Perdón
Default – Wasting My Time
Mr. Mitch – Settle
DJDS ft. Amber Mark & Vory – I Get By (BloodPop Remix)
Handbraekes – #3 – Citroën
Cage the Elephant – Trouble
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
‘N Sync – Bye Bye Bye
Kenny Chesney – Better Boat (feat. Mindy Smith)
Rolo Green – Access Control (Club Mix)
Cosmic Gate & Jason Ross – Awaken
Usher – Burn
George Michael – One More Try
Murat Salman & Padé – Sydance
Evol Waves – Syrup
BLR – Masuria

Same as last year, there will be a bridge song and virtual host, aka man or woman of the future year. Will Smith was the man of the year and bridge song of 2018. He is starring in the upcoming Aladdin sequel and shared a lot of travels on his instagram account. Thanks for bringing us together, then and now. Also, don’t forget the countdown to this year’s bridge song was by Tiësto who is turning 50 in January of 2019.

This Press Play EP is good listening for now. Some tracks EXPLICIT

This just in…
Avril Lavigne is releasing a new album in February, 2019 called ‘Head Above Water’