Vegan news flash

It seems companies not only lie, but feel the need to deceive consumers. A couple of examples. Some toilet papers have the World Wildlife Fund label on them. Is this to not feel bad about their animal testing? What about these Tide Dry Cleaners – “Proudly using GREENEARTH® CLEANING” Tide is not cruelty-free either. Also, those ‘green’ sponges. I think people see these and want to buy them because it makes us better humans that care about the environment. Well it may make us feel less bad to throw money at the Wildlife Fund when we are using animals in our corporations lab for other products in the line. Is the environment a bunch of green growing things without landfills? Also, it is rare to find recycling bins in Houston. Are we to trust that the main garbage collector recycles everything. I stopped asking questions to the companies because I cannot get the truth. I cannot get a response in the industry I have a College degree in with my alumni email and that degree was not cheap. I transferred Colleges and Universities three times for a five year songwriting degree. No response. I got more responses from food companies, but half the time I wanted to stop eating and stop living. So many lies. Too many problems. I’m spending most of my time working and trying to beat match on these turntables that are have inconsistent tempo readings to the built in tap function, but don’t think I forgot about this. I eat the same stuff and dig just as hard to find strict vegan, non-gmo food that isn’t deceptive. I still can’t find a cruelty-free toilet paper. You might not want to ask someone in a store like Trader Joes, which a team member happened to claim it was cruelty free, but the fact is even when you do question – the answer is vague to unconfirmable in truth. Where did they source it from? They put their label on almost everything in the store and they sell meat. So for example of how strict I am with that. I don’t buy anything branded – Trader Joes. Even if they sell a vegan verified, pareve, non-gmo etc product. I won’t buy it. They support animal sacrifice for their profits. The candidates are updated; see link in previous post. If you find out any information to the contrary email

Woman of the future year update

I did as I said I would do and listened to one album and did a little research. Currently I am checking out Shakira’s ‘El Dorado’ finally. It is pretty perfect and if you didn’t know, I really love her one of a kind voice and what she does with education. I can’t wait to visit your country one day. I am however going to take a shot in the dark and pick an actress I used to really admire in the TV show ‘Fringe’. I used to teach English in different countries and that show really kept me inspired and imagining material for my students in Taiwan. I always named my students if they didn’t have an English nickname, but always kept one reserved for if I had a daughter of my own after her character, “Olive or Olivia”. I see she has been credited as a voice in a video game and acted in several TV shows since ‘Fringe’, but I don’t know what she is doing in 2019. I don’t know if you can follow her on instagram or somewhere else, but that is usually how actors and actresses do it. That is why we are so lucky with Will Smith in 2018. So, Anna Torv and lil Wayne are our “Man and Woman of the Future Year” for 2019. I still haven’t decided if I am going back to the movie theater or going to try to start watching something, as I am many years behind at this point, but if I do or you do – Anna will be our guide.

2019 Bridge Mix candidates still updating…

Tha Carter V – Thanksgiving title guesses 2018

If you read the earlier update, this is the follow up post. Usually if I need to remember a song on my notes for this year’s mix or in general, I write a quote from the song which is what I did for two tracks on this list because I didn’t want to title them. The only title I know is ‘Mona Lis’a because I hear it on the radio.

lil Wayne‘s latest album

Disc One
1. Intro
2. Don’t Cry
3. Billion Dollar Smile
4. Where’d the Love Go?
5. Best Rapper Alive
6. The Breaks
7. I’ll Be Waiting For You
8. Mona Lisa feat. Kendrick
9. All Night
10. Angel
11. Must Be Famous

Disc Two
1. Bob Marley
2. Dope Niggaz feat. Snoop Dogg
3. Good As Golden
4. Made
5. End Titles
6. The Waiting Room
7. Demon With Demands
8. A Mess
9. MJ
10. “… and we don’t even talk anymore …”
11. Missing Subject
12. “Don’t let the money come between us.”

Also, to add to next year’s buzz I am thinking of adding a ‘Woman of the future year’. I will have to listen to at least one album or do some research, etc. to finalize this choice. These future year people will be the ‘one’s to watch’ so to speak for new and different stuff on social media, in the news or with the works they publicize or are involved in based on my guidance from God and individual intuition. They won’t necessarily be associated with each other like the President and first lady, but it is something like that with a leadership role. They don’t know about my choice as I don’t personally talk to any of the artists I write about on this site (except through sometimes imaginary worlds and other dimensional things like prayer that can never be verified or proven real). I have attempted before to email labels, but received so little response and too much negative energy from the label I did hear back that I stopped contacting them. Happy Holidays and look forward to closing out this year with good zap.