TOP LIST 01 & Dedicated Mix #3

This is a list of vocalists who sound good on most tracks they do. It’s also a sort of ‘my favorites list’ in a kind of certain sound. I didn’t enjoy doing this at first because a singer’s voice is personal and possibly so is my taste. So, I felt really critical and almost embarrassed for myself and the places it took me, but like any good house song I eventually fell in the groove and found the light. I was a voice principal at Berklee, so I am not totally unqualified to do this project. However, if you just got into DJing I would take on this challenge after your first year.

I started by reviewing my own podcasts and then went to almost every feature singer from Felix Cartal and Gareth Emery (the pimps of single singer tracks). It doesn’t really include the super famous ones like Ariana Grande or Usher, but I included a few with already accomplished clout. Once I hit the maximum numbers for three TOP LISTS I stopped and will carry over those histories, I didn’t fully listen to, the next TOP LIST.

This is PART ONE which I subtitle as ‘FELIX CARTAL‘S Harem’
I only got through Felix’s list of features found on sources like Soundcloud, Beatport and Wikipedia. He doesn’t have too many repeats.

The attached mixes for this series will have some of the best singers that may or may not be on the top 11, 5 or 7.

PART TWO will go into GARETH‘s features found on and Beatport. I also may have used some sites like Traxsource and Youtube (scrolling away from the videos of course to hear the audio and read comments for more information if needed).

This is a great way to ‘dig’ for new tracks for all MixList aspirers. Check up on some of these artists’ features and what they do now and branch off from there. It’s a little arduous at first, but when you find a few new ways to go, you’ll pick up momentum.

I have a few lists here and we will start with females only. TOP 10 (FEATURES) = They sound good on almost every featured track and most usually work on others’ songs rather than their own EPs or albums. Links after go to Soundcloud or Beatport.

Then there is the TOP 5 (ALBUM TYPE) = They may do features too, but when checking them out I ended up discovering a different sound on an independent collection of tracks with either their name or another project name. After their name I put the first song I heard by them.

Finally, there is the TOP 7 (REQUESTS). Either they need more recent song features or in the type of these DANCE POP style that isn’t in superstar mainstream, but in a DJs repertoire for podcasts or festivals. Another way they could go to the TOP 7 would be they have a killer sound on one or two tracks, but feature a totally different voice on the majority of their others and I am requesting more like their BEST TRACK.

The mix or mixes with new tracks I discovered on this sidetrack series will be on a future mix.

TOP 10

Bosco – New album called b.
Sam Bruno – New EP called I AM SAM PT. 1 AUDITION
Delaney Jane – AUDITION
Ofelia K – Listen
Kiesza – Listen
Luciana – Listen
Clara Mae – Listen
MØ – Listen
Sigrid – Listen

Sophia Black – Vibration (Penthouse Penthouse Remix) N/A
CATZE – Parallel Lines
Nini Fabi (Haerts) – Slow Motion
Amanda Fondell – Smoke
Becky G – Sola

TOP 7​
Chloe Angelides – Ready for Love
Alice Berg – Freeze Time & Golden Hearts
Brave aka Br/\ve – Alive [SINIQ REMIX]
Garielle Current – Lost Art
Katt Niall – Diamonds
Nevve – Jump , Surface and Something Real (Actually I don’t know what list she goes on because I previously had a link that was probably wrong and I only know of these three songs.)
Sansa – A Little More

Featured Female Vocalists Dedicated Mix #3
Wednesday 23rd August 2017, 14:26

Me Minus You (Jerome Price Warehouse Mix) – Jerome Price
Love Something – Adrian Hour
This Could Be Love Feat. Delaney Jane – Borgeous & Shaun Frank
Universe (feat. Emeni) – Don Diablo
Stars (feat. Katt Niall) – Ummet Ozcan
Live Love Die (feat. Sirena) [Amersy Remix] – Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman
Tether (Eric Prydz vs. CHVRCHES) [Radio Edit] – Eric Prydz & CHVRCHES
Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tegan & Sara) [Extended Version] – Tiësto
Drifting Away (feat. Ofelia K) – Felix Cartal
Fireflies (feat. Luciana) [Extended Version] – Bassjackers
VIPs – Skrillex & MUST DIE!
Never Say Goodbye (feat. Bright Lights) – Hardwell & Dyro
You’re Not the One (Cid Rim Remix) – Sky Ferreira
Sweet Escape (feat. Sirena) [Pep & Rash Remix] – Alesso
Freeze Time (feat. Alice Berg) – Manse

Special thanks to Softo ltd. for free file conversion.
I always use cloudconvert, but had to try another site.
Instagram link is a picture icon. Featured DJs links to both instagram and Soundcloud and in the mix they mostly link to Soundcloud.

*Update 11.26-27.17 Now available Male Vocalists Top List 02

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