Updated link collection post

2016-2017 Mix & Track Link Quick Find updated to all current mixes.

Quicklink Collection

Other link collections are attached or a part of the mixes found on the Link Quick Find page above. Recent mixes/posts with many links and social accounts to view are Top List 02, 1720, Vegan Thanksgiving, UNP9, 1718, 1716, 179* SKM2, DM3/Top List 01, 1714II, DM1/Top Maxim Cover List, Now Listening to… (7.18) & UNP7

PromoDJ has post collections compiled together.

Mostly all new tracks for the next mix are going to be purchased from research and from new releases or new finds soon. I thought about following Mark Knight and making 15 the last official mix of the year, but since I don’t play live I am going to try to make mixes until New Year’s Eve. About sixty two published or UNP mixes so far since New Year’s Eve 2015/16.

*Top podcast link list & social accounts below mix

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