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2016-2019 Mix & Track Link Quick Find Updated to all current mixes.

Tattoo and Artist/artwork links in Random Updates

TV Show checklist with purchase links

Back flash (Photography and camera post)

Quicklink Collection

Other link collections are attached or a part of the mixes found on the Link Quick Find page above. Recent mixes/posts with many links and social accounts to view are 18-4 SC, 18-3 (with 2 radio stream links), 18-1SE, 18-1, Mix in the Making #2, Mix in the Making #1, New Year Bridge Update, Top List 02, 1720, Vegan Thanksgiving, UNP9, 1718, 1716, 179* SKM2, DM3/Top List 01, 1714II, DM1/Top Maxim Cover List, Now Listening to… (7.18) & UNP7

Vegan Posts & Links with Fuel updates

PromoDJ had post collections compiled together, but I was asked to remove all external links (as of early 2018) and since almost every post linked back to this site, I deleted all posts. It is currently in limbo.

Mostly all new tracks for the next mix are going to be purchased from research and from new releases or new finds soon. I thought about following Mark Knight and making 15 the last official mix of the year, but since I don’t play live I am going to try to make mixes until New Year’s Eve. Update 4.23.18 – About ninety-six published or UNP mixes including ‘Mix in the Making’ so far since New Year’s Eve 2015/16.

*Top podcast link list & social accounts below mix

Published by CKWAL

Formally know as SKMillion - CKWAL started making drum beats and then basically 'albums' with mostly Dance-Pop music collected from top podcasts. After deciding to dedicate to veganism for detox purposes Ckwal shortly after became homeless and grew stronger in his relationship with Christ to balance finishing out two years of weekly mixes. Now the name also encompasses new life, survival tactics, philosophy, relationships and working to improve the environment we live in to make a worthwhile future for new generations. Ckwal has one original album of what was two discs of continuously mixed originals from the beats that took a human life transformed by exercise and music out of the ashes so to speak as the age-old Phoenix imagery. Like the word sounds, it is a return to something from nothingness and near-death.

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