Virtual Night Before Halloween Party (Vegan Friendly)

Your hosts Sara Sampaio & Jamie Oliver serving Zombie for drinks. This isn’t posted as Vegan, but if you make sure you use a Vegan Triple Sec like Hiram Walker, Bols, VOK or make it yourself and same goes for the sweet & sour mix. Also, when buying sugar for recipes check the brand that it doesn’t use bone char in it’s processing. Tate & Lyle fair trade and Morena are tasty. This is a Vegan liquor buying website I just found. You can see Jamie with a Vampire costume on his website (it’s a freeze frame of a video). Note: All those recipes on the previous link are Halloween (not all Vegan).

Chocolate starters, gorge-yourself main and ‘do I want to eat that?’ for dessert. Then dance it off with a mini-mix featuring Wolfgang Gartner and Dino Maggiorana.

Appetizer – CANDY SKULL CRUSHERS from wallflower kitchen
Main Course – Green Monster Veggie Burger from Vegan Heaven
Dessert – Witch Finger Cookies with Strawberry Jam from One Green Planet

I mixed the mix below, however dreaming about the other stuff so I can’t vouch if they’re all good or not.

To the celebrations ~

Monday 30th October 2017, 6:59

Scream – Dino Maggiorana
partial mash with/to…
Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis
Lush (Extended Mix) – Tommy Jayden
Nuke – Wolfgang Gartner
Rush – Teo Mandrelli & UnoMas
Men on Mars – HI-LO
Move On – Dino Maggiorana
Undertaker – Wolfgang Gartner