Top Male Feature Vocalists (Unofficial top 15 a.k.a. Top List 02)

I was trying to finish this list for November, but it probably won’t happen ever.

My new favorite feature vocalist is Khalid1 who sounds like
Calvin Harris2 to me on his album. Actually I wanted to hear Calvin sing on his latest release, but instead he chose mega-stars or soon to be mega-stars. Khalid has some of his own tracks, but sounds consistently unique on these features.

Since I started listening to this particular way of making music in this modern scene, I always pretty much liked Matt Koma3, though I haven’t heard him lately.

Also, Jonathan Mendelsohn4 needs to be on more tracks like ‘Open My Eyes’ by Tom Swoon.

Requesting more clean dark and true tracks similar to ‘Get Busy’ from Matisse & Sadko with featured vocalist Titus5.

Some others on the top list would be Alex Aris6,
the singer from Mako8 (who should do features on others tunes),
Jake Reese9 from ‘Mad World’,
Giuseppe De Luca10,
Alex Joseph12,
Gavin Beach 13
and Rumors14 from Heldens’ ‘Ghost Town’.

Finally let’s talk about the vocal on one of my favorite tracks: Marc Kinchen‘s ‘Piece of Me’ [Camelphat Remix]. The voice that was created unless I’m misreading something here. It says it’s featuring Becky Hill, but the voice they manipulated15 sounds male and an amazing one at that. I have been fooled since I first heard it. Usually when they lower the voice it ends up sounding like my Mom doing a bad fake-out.

Special thanks to Felix Cartal and Gareth Emery, the Procurers of Male vocalists, too. Gareth’s Soundcloud link Felix’s Soundcloud link

Most links on this post go to a Soundcloud search for that vocalist which are mostly accurate to the singer listed. Most Soundcloud pages have other social links to visit on the right sidebar or under the track with the information. These default to a track search, so another way to find their own profile is to click ‘people’ and look for the orange star or most official looking page in the results.

See the female top lists here.

CKWAL MIX 2017020

I’m like a reader of this blog now because this mix will not load in Native Instrument’s Traktor completely and it will not back up much at all. I know it was good and could play back some this morning, but of course it’s frustrating to only hear track by track or while mixing it once. Probably worse to only see a MixList with iTunes previews. Sure it can wait, but can you? I’m giving a shoutout to Miss Monique because I bought three tracks from the end of her perfect Mix 74 and used them in a double overlay mashup to be a little unique. Also, a shoutout to Tiësto. I think it was one of his second hour mixes when I almost gave up listening to podcasts when I heard an updated version, surprisingly set-up of ‘Wanna Be Down’. The song re-lit a spark in my head that had gone out. Later, I searched for both the elusive version and found the original I remember from growing up. Both DJs share these types of tracks. One in particular was left out of Alesia’s tracklists and never responded about what track it is. Drives me crazy. Final shoutout to R3hab who made the first remake of Rihanna‘s song that saved the track I thought flopped when the original was first played in podcasts. So, here is this new 3X shoutout mix, picking up where we left off with Chevelle.

Ouija Board – Chevelle
Bitch Better Have My Money (R3hab Remix) – Rihanna EXPLICIT
LYM – Curbi & Hasse de Moor
Kiera – Tone Depth & Jerome Isma-Ae
after beginning section mashes with all of…
Dark Heart – Paul Thomas & White-Akre
finishes blend from Kiera to…
Throaty – Rick Pier O’Neil
partial mash with…
Terminal – Wheats
Made For You (feat. Julie Thompson) [Radio Edit] – The Blizzard & Daniel van Sand
Good Vibes Only – Mahalo
Be Randy – Dom Dolla & Torren Foot
Faster Than a Bullet – Tiësto & VASSY
Silence (feat. Khalid) [Tiësto’s Big Room Remix] – Marshmello
I Wanna Be Down – Brandy
Sorry for Myself – CADE
Nintendo Blood – Julian Casablancas+The Voidz

Update: Stasha’s Mix

Vegan Thanksgiving LinksList

I didn’t realize that Thanksgiving was so soon. So if you are depending on my post for your plans, here are the selections and other ideas to get you started.
Also, see the Halloween Party post for the Vegan liquor directory as used in the cranberry sauce and notes about sugar usage.

November 23rd is Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving Links

Many recipes

From above; favorites and other finds from searching google:

Sides and salads
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Cauliflower Salad

Traditional sides
Boozy Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Potato Shepards’ Pie
Stuffing(s) Direct link for the Stuffing

Main Center Dishes
Stuffed Seitan
How to Cook the Tofurkey
Glazed Lentil Loaf
Meatless Loaf

Individual Portion Dish
Balsamic Tempeh Bowl

List of other premade type roasts
Turkey Substitutes

Cherry pie
Avocado Chocolate Ice Cream
If you can find or make this stuff, but don’t want to bake dessert:
Pumpkin Pie Bars

While preparing try listening to this playlist from thissongissick:
Chill Playlist Vol. 35