CKWAL MIX 2017019

This is kind of two projects in one with an * by the Ummet Ozcan Mix tracks that I was going to use to re-do Innerstate 158 & then I mashed up one of his originals with ‘Feel Good Now’ by Mark Knight. I already used a different version of Axwell Λ Ingrosso‘s ‘More Than You Know’ in 2017018 & another remix of Avicii‘s ‘Without You’ in an exclusive mix. I did quite a few mix, listen, re-listen and delete mixes with notes. One of the best future combos was Men on Mars to Water by Galantis . The lyrics say:

“Can’t go back
Can’t fight this
Water, water
Teardrops are falling like rain
Daughter, daughter
Still hear you calling my name
I’ll see your light
In the water for all my life”

I know I already used ‘Rush’ in our Halloween DJ Set and it’s in the exclusive, so I did like a double overlap mash where part of the song mashes with one track and then the end mashes with a different track while somewhere in the middle it goes solo. (Like a lot of singers’ careers.)

Sunday 5th November 2017, 19:45

Don’t Kill My Vibe (Gryffin Remix) – Sigrid
Truth Be Told – THEY. EXPLICIT
tempo down to 62 and add delay/verb with…
Ironing Man – Mark Knight
Men on Mars – HI-LO
Scream – Dino Maggiorana
mashes with rush for at least two minutes
Rush – Teo Mandrelli & UnoMas
mashes with
*Elixir – Ivan Miranda, Bonnis Maxx & Niccoxx
mashes with approx 50s and loops first bars 10s
*Neiloj – Purple Haze
Dark River (Radio Edit) – Sebastian Ingrosso
A Mess Like This – The Dø
Younger Now (Burns Remix) – Miley Cyrus
Feel Good Now – Mark Knight
mashes most of song w/to…
Kensei – Ummet Ozcan
*Lush (Extended Mix) – Tommy Jayden
*Raw – Madison Mars
Not That Brave – BEAUZ & Lenii