CKWAL MIX 2017019 Encore

There is a little bit more of me in this one than usual. The reason is because some time back at the beginning of Ckwal I got curious with numerology and found my number is 9. Actually with me it’s pretty straight forward. You add the pairs of digits three separate times and it adds up to three single nines. Every mix that is a nine in the past two years, I identify with strongly.

On another topic I met or hung out with Chevelle in Milwaukee backstage after going to a show with my friend before I knew the music. He was also a rock guitarist and basically repeated the lyrics to me while listening to one of their first popular releases earlier and I was hooked ever since.

Usually DJs have certain tracks to switch styles like this which is why artists like Skrillex exist, but here I am going with the darkness and gritty dance songs mixed with the saddest Drake rap and a track from the wedding album ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’.

Wednesday 15th November 2017, 7:52

Disintegration (feat. MING & Lena Wolf) – Le Castle Vania
The Damned – Chevelle
Omen – The Dø
Ride This Train (feat. Aniff Akinola) – Icarus
Breathe (Wordlife Remix) – Anna Lunoe
Intoxicated – Martin Solveig & GTA (original single artwork not available)
Our Story (Norin & Rad vs. Kevin Wild Remix) – Mako
Now & Forever – Drake CLEAN VERSION
Stupid Me – MAGIC!
Under the Knife – Chevelle

Link to CKWAL MIX 2017019
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Sometimes I feel like we leave ourselves on the page with these mixes. So in a sense, if you are reading this, you’re too late. Another way of thinking is that these parts of us will never die. It’s annoying at first to see yourself online like a mirror and think it was stolen, but we are more similar to each other than we know in a lot of ways.

Update// Dedicated to: Mike Potesta