Top Male Feature Vocalists (Unofficial top 15 a.k.a. Top List 02)

I was trying to finish this list for November, but it probably won’t happen ever.

My new favorite feature vocalist is Khalid1 who sounds like
Calvin Harris2 to me on his album. Actually I wanted to hear Calvin sing on his latest release, but instead he chose mega-stars or soon to be mega-stars. Khalid has some of his own tracks, but sounds consistently unique on these features.

Since I started listening to this particular way of making music in this modern scene, I always pretty much liked Matt Koma3, though I haven’t heard him lately.

Also, Jonathan Mendelsohn4 needs to be on more tracks like ‘Open My Eyes’ by Tom Swoon.

Requesting more clean dark and true tracks similar to ‘Get Busy’ from Matisse & Sadko with featured vocalist Titus5.

Some others on the top list would be Alex Aris6,
the singer from Mako8 (who should do features on others tunes),
Jake Reese9 from ‘Mad World’,
Giuseppe De Luca10,
Alex Joseph12,
Gavin Beach 13
and Rumors14 from Heldens’ ‘Ghost Town’.

Finally let’s talk about the vocal on one of my favorite tracks: Marc Kinchen‘s ‘Piece of Me’ [Camelphat Remix]. The voice that was created unless I’m misreading something here. It says it’s featuring Becky Hill, but the voice they manipulated15 sounds male and an amazing one at that. I have been fooled since I first heard it. Usually when they lower the voice it ends up sounding like my Mom doing a bad fake-out.

Special thanks to Felix Cartal and Gareth Emery, the Procurers of Male vocalists, too. Gareth’s Soundcloud link Felix’s Soundcloud link

Most links on this post go to a Soundcloud search for that vocalist which are mostly accurate to the singer listed. Most Soundcloud pages have other social links to visit on the right sidebar or under the track with the information. These default to a track search, so another way to find their own profile is to click ‘people’ and look for the orange star or most official looking page in the results.

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