Dog Treats (Animal Product Free)

Oh this is funny. Well not really. I was trying to find a bone shaped cookie cutter to make treats for the animal shelter I am volunteering at and researching recipes, (there are two dogs there looking for a home who would make a good companions ((Evelyn and Hudson)) and Khalid’s new tour would approve!), when suddenly holiday Vegan Dog Treats appeared at Target. They don’t say they are Vegan verified, because when have you heard of these ground-breaking, modern Dogs? Although a little suspicious, I was glad because I didn’t want to figure out how I was going to cook dog treats in the park and figure out how to dry them enough to get the moisture ratio right. Here is the link for these Santa Snacks – Kringle’s Cookies by Blue Buffalo – Order online or try browsing the pet section at your local Target store. I am not sponsored by anyone I mention on this site by the way, although TD Bank extends me an unassociated line of credit on their Red Card which will get you another 5% off everything. Say a less guilty ‘Merry Christmas’ to your Dog from us.