Hanukkah Cookies (Vegan)

I may get to do one MixList within the next two weeks. Until then I’ll post other festive findings. As planned I managed to scour deep in the online search for a great start to Vegan desserts that are leaning toward Jewish tradition.

Dec. 12th to the 20th is Hanukkah
Lauren Conrad’s 2016 blog post on Vegan Paleo Hanukkah Cookies
found via Pinterest.

Philly.com’s Vegan Holiday Cookie Recipes
has Rugelach (a Jewish pastry of Ashkenazic origin) towards the bottom.

Greyt Vegan Life’s WordPress
A post with pictures from 2010 including a story. Mouthwatering star cookies, by the looks of them, with ‘hard-to-find’ replacement ingredients. Order them online if you have time or see one of the posts above for other substitution ideas.