Vegan update

My new hobby is contacting food and other products’ businesses and trying to get to the bottom of their animal usage. First lesson learned is that there are a lot of websites that say there are animal procucts in all batteries for instance or these candies are approved for your eating in another example. This is too bad because even when contacting businesses, the person on the other end might not know the answer and if they are kind-hearted enough may do some disapponting research for the both of us. If they are trained to answer like a machine and only care about their job or have no other choice, they may be concealing information or not answering your questions. We are about to go into 2018 and even grade school children can see through a typical lie. So, why is it still going on? Does sugar really have to be filtered through animal remains? Why would you pride yourself on a product and not know how the main ingredient is made. Obviously we arrive at veganism=trust at some point. Possibly I’m too strict, but I’ve seen habitual benders who end up not following any rule or principle and can’t figure out why they can’t be saved. This life isn’t for me a lot of the time, but I feel like I’m fighting for a ‘pay it forward’ type battle that as easy as it is to make beautiful and tasty products that ‘don’t kill’, on a budget, major companies like Hershey recently have decided to make me not important enough to answer my question with a definite answer. Glad/Clorox has given me a time-sensitive run-around. So far what could be good news is that Duracell ‘cans’ as they call them no longer use gelatin. The batteries themselves may not do animal testing, but I’m not sure about all their products because by-law (which I think is a bad law) some products require animal testing. Since they cannot volunteer to do the testing, then it is unfair. There are plenty of starving, poor, jobless or underpaid humans that would rather be tested on. We sign a waiver and our right away for the littlest of things everyday. I’ll test a chemical. Why-not? Rats are cuter. Who else? Dynex batteries are OK on some level and the HP monitors in this library do not have animal fat in them. I would email every company before you buy a product in question, especially monitors to make sure you aren’t watching ‘Burn Notice’ through pigs’ byproducts. Also, to see if they care about your business (even if you aren’t vegan). Best Buy may be a cool store with great workers, that doesn’t mean the products’ companies are true to that. Other good news so far, is that Bubba’s bagels seem to be safe to eat except the honey wheat. Honey is an arguable one for some people. It talks about milk and honey in the bible. Did the bees make it for us? I heard one stat that said when there are no more bees there will be no more life on earth soon or something like that. So just to recap. My biggest sacrifice today is going to be Twizzlers. Nothing confirmed of bone-char, but a response that makes them inedible to me. If there are updates in this new hobby of mine, that raises more questions then answers, I’ll post them. Any company out there reading, please don’t send a hitman. This is the future of eating and making things. Anyone getting comfortable doing things the same way without adapting to major revolutionary ideas like these being adopted by someone like me, will have huge wake up calls since mine started. The generations younger seem ahead of me even. Jesus knows and so will others.

This is the closest thing I have to X-files. We can call them the C-Files for copyright concerns. To stay vegan I made bread and sugar cookies outside in the fresh snow on Christmas.

Update 1.3.18
No confirmation of bone-char sugar or source for Twizzler candies. A different representative says Nibs (5oz) and the Pull-N-Peel (Cherry 15.4oz) are Vegan and ‘some Twizzler varieties’. Of course they are not at the moment vegan verified, but it is being passed on. There is a costlier sugar-free option. Also, an increasingly important thing to me is the NON GMO project label. Genetic modifications seems wrong and I’m reading now it is against veganism. Just because you see this NON GMO doesn’t mean it’s vegan however. Not every food is verified with labels, so many consumers are gambling with their assumptions.