New Year’s Mix Talk

I have bought most the tracks for the third annual year bridge today. I won’t have much practice or planning and it isn’t the easiest combo, but it’s sort of futuristic. You know if you were a regular reader, I check two music feeds almost every day – and A lot of times they are like my mirror. Do you ever feel that way with your favorite sites? It seems impossible and when it is something way off you think about whose mirror it was that day. Sometimes I see someone else. Sometimes it’s easier to be someone else. The biggest plus about being a DJ, mixer or even producer as I was as SKMillion is that you always know what you are doing next. Less as a producer because you can disappear off the map and no one else is there. If you get lost, start following feeds and mixing music, I swear you will find your way. I can’t promise that I will be able to average five mixes a month this next year or even two, but I will finish this 2017-2018. If you are just starting off, try one a month like Avicii or something, but don’t stop practicing. Be prepared for major changes in your life and try to hold on to anything when the music takes over. I’m not being symbolic, I’m dead serious. I’d like to celebrate and go out like I used to, but keeping the stuff alive I have talked about on the blog has taken everything and everyone away from me. I regret more from before than I ever have, but I don’t regret this journey. Thanks to all the musicians, DJs and artists at every level; those I know and those I may never know – because it can never all fall apart.