Ckwal New Year Candidate #1

Right now I have only one mix, but it’s still 2017 in the US. I tried to do another one a couple hours after, but it wasn’t happening.

​A typical process (for when there are several ‘tough to choose’ from mixes) with notes made during mix. Post mix notes added between double dashes.

Candidate #1
UTC +8

Woke up early and checked the times for the New Year around the world after some breakfast and walking in the cold. Found out it was approaching 2018 in China and did this mix starting at 9:17 am or 11:17pm . I really felt the ball drop and the people celebrating. Meanwhile it’s early in the grocery store… I’ve attempted to make it to China several times and have had an offer and some interviews, but it never really panned out for timing or other reason. Once I went to the Chinese consulate and a woman became possessed in Chicago. She was nice before lunch and soon after completing the requirements I was denied a visa and had to forfeit a non refundable plane ticket. Anyways, this mix really gave me a buzz watching all the times and trying to line it up while blending everything. Will Smith’s song started at exactly 12:00. Ironically Chinese New Year isn’t even celebrated traditionally in the same month, but as far as all the countries on this timeline and the standard years go, it’s 2018. If my spirit of the mix wasn’t actually traded to make this, maybe I’ll end up there as I was jokingly talking about in an earlier post, but China isn’t as easy to get into as people once thought (at least legally for a teacher). Happy New Year you everyone in these zones (I love you Taiwan) and I expect to make it over there somewhere at some point in the future to do some living or visiting someplace other than Hong Kong!

-positives: timing is unbeatable and placement of every song is really ideal for theme and transitional vibes
-negatives: 13-15 (14min:10sec-14:23-25) seconds of transition after Cold Hearted is a little dissonant (in tempo and didn’t notice on first review without notes)
-could go either way: dark and generous warm-up period

Sunday 31st December 2017 10:13am (Central Time USA)
Monday 1st January 2018 12:13am (China- Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia-Bali, Mongolia, Brunei Darussalam, Russia-Irkutsk , Bratsk, Ulan-Ude ; Australia- Perth, more … reference)

(start times from clock listed before track with the New Year countdown from the countries above in parenthesis)

9:17am (11:17pm) Always Come Back 2 U – J.Lauryn
Game Changer – Max Vangeli
Cold Hearted – Seven Lions & Kill the Noise
Cold Wave – S.P.Y.
tempo up to Witness – Jordan Feliz
down to Prayers Up (feat. Travis Scott & A-Trak) – Calvin Harris EXPLICIT
– -bass up gradually to treble down, verb going nextward overlap- –
up to Shadow Play – S.P.Y. sync
down to 64 9:47 (11:47) Crazy Maybe (feat. Anjulie) [No Mana Remix] – Feed Me & Kill the Noise
– -use delay with transition (min-max // left, bottom to right, top)- –
9:51 Time – Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper no sync
9:54 to 9:56ish (11:54 to 11:56) Magneto – Madison Mars
up to 9:57 (11:57) Time (Tiësto’s Big Room Mix) – Z.Tao sync
down to 10:00 (Midnight) Will 2K – Will Smith
– -use delay and reverb with cities at end going to…- –
down to 10:04 (12:04) The King of Wishful Thinking – Go West
10:08am (12:08am) Keep on Searching – S.P.Y.

This mix is dedicated to Anna (last name unknown)