Ckwal New Year Candidate #3

Candidate #3
UTC -8

After a long day of crowds, mixing, shopping for snacks and eating, I crashed and woke up in time to make this final year bridge mix. I was sleeping during the New Year in my time zone at the center in Nebraska.

-Positives: starts locking in after J.Lauryn’s voice messages, super high energy
-Negatives: sleepy startup with questionable transition to second track
-Could go either way: shorter mix time

(will update after further review)

Monday 1st January 2018, 2:10am (CST)
Monday 1st Jauary 2018, 12:10am (USA- Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, Portland-OR; Canada- Vancouver, Whitehorse; Mexico- Tijuana, Mexicali; U.K. – Pitcairn)((see reference sources on previous post))


CST 1:26am // West Coast 11:26pm

The King of Wishful Thinking – Go West sync
tempo up (starts at 113.x, raise tempo slowly throughout first 1 and a half minute)
1:30 Will 2K – Will Smith
tempo up to
1:34 Always Come Back 2 U – J. Lauryn
tempo down to
1:39 Witness – Jordan Feliz
filter up with delay, fader center, tempo down
1:43 Cold Hearted – Seven Lions & Kill the Noise
quick HP filter at the end, tempo down to 64 (1/2 of next bpm)
1:47 Game Changer – Max Vangeli no sync
with :19s left tempo up
Time (TiĆ«sto Big Room Mix) – Z.Tao sync
:19s left fader center, keep tempo at 130bpm
1:55 Crazy Maybe (feat. Anjulie) [No Mana Remix] – Feed Me & Kill the Noise
tempo down to
1:59 // 11:59pm West Coast Time – Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper
tempo up at last 1:00min. and blend a bit at end with gater
2:02 // 12:02am, 2018 Magneto – Madison Mars
tempo down with verb, lows up and highs down to…
2:05 // 12:05am Cold Wave – S.P.Y.