Year Bridge Mix Update #2

Additional Candidate Notes:

Sometimes I listen for disqualifiers or things I can’t live with hearing. Examples: bad transitions, major imperfections or skips/mistakes, overall theme feeling is imbalanced or leaves you wrongly.

C3 – First transition is off beat although it sounds fine with a decent fade. Also, the overall beginning feel is too reflective or review-like. This is what a year mix does instead of a bridge mix. Transition from Time to Magneto is muddy. Normally I would disqualify it with one off-transition, so the first two notes here would have been fine because there are some transitions that are unbeatable. If this were a regular series mix it would barely go to the UNP (unpublishable) series because there are no mistakes if you want to call it that.

Early decision for the day: Although I really like this ‘short but sweet’, year-mix type feel, gradually crescendoing to an exciting new year possibility and ending with a dark jungle feel; Candidate #3 is, as Trump would say, “Fired”.

More updates are possible later in the day or by Friday.

Update on the post about veganism and Twizzler products.

2017-2018 New Year Bridge Mix Update

I’m still reviewing these candidate mixes C1 C2 C3. The transition I said was questionable wasn’t noticeable when I played the first part back. I went back one more time and checked it out and heard what I was talking about, but the main thing was I was so close to the New Year on the west coast before the whole thing started going offshore, that I had to start and decide on the the bridge song without much warning. I am at the ending of Candidate #2 and I really like flow of the whole mix with Calvin Harris’ tracks interspersed with S.P.Y. and ‘Cold Hearted’ at the end. The third mix, I barely noticed at first, omitted Calvin. Reason for the delay: The other day I was roughing it in the cold to try and upload the files so I could review after converting because my iPad cannot reload the mixes after I mix them anymore. My hands were freezing pretty bad, but the iPad screen went sideways, distorted and then the battery sign went on before blanking out. I had plenty of battery, by the way. I thought that was the end of Ckwal for awhile. Luckily the iPad is okay it was just too cold. Overall I’m thinking all three mixes are of publishable quality and there is no way I can decide, especially after what I said about going there… Even with mostly the same tunes, though, they are pretty different. If you have a vote, send it over the traditional way by email to Alternatively try to ethersphere me. Artist quicklinks below.

Go West
Will Smith –
Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey –
J.Lauryn –
Jordan Feliz –
Seven Lions –
Kill the Noise –
Max Vangeli –
TiĆ«sto –
Z.Tao –
Anjulie –
No Mana –
Feed Me –
Calvin Harris –
Travis Scott –
A-Trak –
Swanky Tunes –
Jessie Reyez –
Going Deeper –
Madison Mars –
S.P.Y. –