Year Bridge Mix Update #2

Additional Candidate Notes:

Sometimes I listen for disqualifiers or things I can’t live with hearing. Examples: bad transitions, major imperfections or skips/mistakes, overall theme feeling is imbalanced or leaves you wrongly.

C3 – First transition is off beat although it sounds fine with a decent fade. Also, the overall beginning feel is too reflective or review-like. This is what a year mix does instead of a bridge mix. Transition from Time to Magneto is muddy. Normally I would disqualify it with one off-transition, so the first two notes here would have been fine because there are some transitions that are unbeatable. If this were a regular series mix it would barely go to the UNP (unpublishable) series because there are no mistakes if you want to call it that.

Early decision for the day: Although I really like this ‘short but sweet’, year-mix type feel, gradually crescendoing to an exciting new year possibility and ending with a dark jungle feel; Candidate #3 is, as Trump would say, “Fired”.

More updates are possible later in the day or by Friday.

Update on the post about veganism and Twizzler products.