2017-2018 New Year Bridge Mix

The third annual New Year Bridge Mix decision.

I usually mix one and there is nothing to review. I don’t remember practicing before the other ones. I actually did one practice mix without recording before the 31st and it was nearly perfect. One exception was, I think, the same song transition that was muddy in #3. The funny thing about that is in Traktor the application recommends tracks in order of what the computer thinks is a good match based on key, tempo and other programmed things. I take this with a grain of salt and usually know the tunes well enough to ignore this or think the machine and I are thinking alike. This recommendation was at the top of the list and it was dead wrong. I didn’t write down my notes however and since a lot of the tracks have similar start letters and other ways I would remember that combination by, I forgot. The point of this story is that two awesome mixes are out because of what I would call ‘machine-error’ or lack of preparation which doesn’t apply in this case. I would say don’t ever think machines are going to replace all of us. DJs, drivers, cashiers, tellers, etc. We get into the habit of using them for convenience, comfort factor or other reason. Possibly 2018 is the come back for the human. We are trained by the machine often, but more often someone wrote that programming or has to fix it somehow. I listened to Candidate #2 a lot and it’s really unique. Some of the overlaps and bridge emotions make it my ideal winner. Possibly I want to justify the other mixes existence by not choosing #1. This used to happen in my classes too when I taught English overseas. Some kids are just too good and even if you and their parents helped make them so smart, you think it is unfair and want another student to win sometimes. Well I can’t deny the winner is Candidate #1 (UTC+8 Bridge). The biggest reasons are how it already took off on it’s own, mix experience vs. listener experience, song setup/placement and of course transitions.

Happy New Year 2018.

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