Intro to 2018

About the MixList maker:
Some time ago I changed my artist name from SKMillion to Ckwal. I was no longer the same person. I quit being who I was before. With Ckwal I change everyday and drastically with every mix at times. Now I feel like myself and myself as Ckwal need a forced break to find out what’s next. Soon will no longer exist as I am letting go of the domain. I was updating, but their customer service is too slow and apparently there was spam in the blog. There was a comment every now and then, but nothing I noticed recently, so I question what is really going on over there. As far as my person or self as a human, if you know me in real-life, I have no other social networks. I had self-produced videos online as SKMillion on a couple of sites and photos on several sites, but they no longer exist. If there are other representations of me or previous artists, social profiles or public work profiles, they are not authentic (as of January 7th, 2018). I have or had one other mixer profile which is not being used. Previously (and still recently) if you searched for Ckwal you may have found only middle-eastern results. They are also not me.

On spiritual concerns/soul:
The spirit God gives us, which changes, comes from God. Evil spirits and lost spirits move through sometimes. One of these formerly mentioned, is part of what is being saved in a mix (other than mind-state or memories and physical state or curability). Some of those are a part of me in the ways they can be, before being changed, taken away or leaving your body, forever. The church knows something about this, but no one can know everything for sure. God gave us a bible written by humans under the direction of what I believe are such spirits. It may guide us or tell us indirectly through the Holy Spirit, but mostly it is not a ‘how-to’ book. The New Testament was written by mostly followers of the real Jesus. He lives with us and saves us from destruction from the worst of these evil spirits, either of which could inspire a mix or be put into a mix, but they are not us. I believe as an experienced multitude of spirits he can make something good out of almost any situation or being. I even believe God works with all the religions of the world to create a diversity of culture with similar threads of belief that connect us to each other. If you are struggling with past mistakes or troubles that cannot be pinned down, I recommend seeking forgiveness from those involved and yourself by asking God/Jesus. What I do recently is to also research other religions and use their best methods to reach forgiveness or enlightenment with those who don’t believe in Christian ways. Ideas like Karma are shared in rules of most every belief.

Sometimes I feel like I am being guided to harness this energy and use it in a positive way; some call it an outlet. Sometimes I feel like everything of this nature is misunderstood, misrepresented and if we are headed for another world war, it is the worst kind (Spiritual War or Holy War). The reason is because a weak mind or body (someone we could also trust and know as a friend or strong person) might be used as a weapon against us or each other. This can happen with or without drugs, alcohol, food additives, hormones or other substances that modify our being. Before I called my faith simply that: Faith. I was not allowed to only say that following my trip to Iraq and Thailand of 2013…

On the future of Ckwal and summary:
I am not sure what is going to happen in 2018 and I cannot guarantee I will be able to take an extended break from this ‘purpose’, but I am pondering that my calling is changing somewhat. I cannot afford or am simply not willing to make the sacrifices for me and others to continue weekly mixes with the donations and resources that got me through 2017. So, I must find a way to support those myself in addition to food and necessities, if they will continue as such. I had an awesome time escaping which is sometimes a bleak reality for a homeless person, but I would really like to see better results for me and others working this hard in life. I know we all have to pay our dues in the struggle to prove to ourselves how far we have come individually and in our society or environment.

I will try to update as often as possible with my interests or development in this undetermined interim which may be only a few weeks up to a couple of months. Of course you can email with requests to review old mixes on a private, friendship basis or with contributions for specific entertainment related projects. I cannot claim full responsibility for our successes or failures as connected as are are or seem to be in a spiritual war or in the battle of life. I have tried to communicate the best I can, explain what my experiences are, reasons for certain choices and rectify the worst of what has happened in the last two years to me that could happen to anyone. I don’t underestimate the importance and impact of mixing music of various styles, new and old, and look forward to great music in the future. I did my first talent show in the first grade singing David Lee Roth’s ‘Just like Paradise’, wrote my first original song around late grade school, recorded my first album just after high school graduation and received my Degree in songwriting at Berklee College of Music. I have several self-produced albums, EPs and singles, quite a few remixes and now two years of mixes and other tips that I think will hold this bridge back and forth between musical worlds together for a long time. I haven’t thanked nearly enough musicians and bands that have kept me going because that would be almost impossible. So what I am saying is, music will always be a part of my life.

Final note:
The Vegan battle possibly makes what I am going through that much more challenging and to show my commitment to these ideas and people that make an impact on me, no matter how little time I spend or have spent with them, I got my first tattoo at Bread N’ Butter by Tattoo Artist Church Hill shortly after I posted the mix ending with Coldplay’s live version of ‘Ink’. It was designed with a font from Chequered Ink found on Ask a shop if they have vegan inks like World Famous.

Update 3/22/19 : Another ink stated on their website as vegan is Eternal. Aftercare products: Saniderm Saniderm's Instagram or SecondSkinSecond Skin's Instagram. About aftercare: 1 2

*Update 7.9.18 – After using Saniderm twice, it is a a good product especially for bigger tattoos away from the hands. However email customer service is a little slow; haven’t tried to call them yet.

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