Strict Vegan Survival Update

I went on an email spur one day because I couldn’t listen to music for some reason and wanted to find some strict vegan and non-gmo foods/snacks. I was getting back a lot of bad news and started searching on how to make my own licorice. Well today I think I have received some acceptable information and have added some new foods to my list of ‘probably fit all my requirements’ to eat. In addition to most On The Border Chips (Organic blue & yellow) and Salsas (which say they are vegan and /or Non-gmo on the website), Clif Bars (blueberry, oats & raisins, PB, nuts & seeds and pomegranate are strict at the time of this post, but the package is not recyclable) and what I usually use are: the King Arthur flours. **Another disappointing thing is that most chip bags are not recyclable. If it says TerraCycle, do this research and start a collection.

Robin Hood Flour
Hudson Cream Flour
Still waiting on a canned bean I can approve
Ro*Tel Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies or Hunt’s Diced and Petite Diced Tomatoes
Update- Conagras brands and Campbells other brands include meat products so I wouldn’t continue eating/drinking them.
**​Many of these V8 fruit and vegetable blends are Non-GMO (says on new label) and vegan (although not vegan verified) and after getting a response it seems as though they are strict with production. I stopped consuming them while waiting for a response and I will probably drink these again after another response because I am reading this, “Citric acid occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, limes, and tomatoes. We add it for tartness and to control the acidity of our products to ensure product safety. The citric acid we use is derived from either sugar or corn crops that may be grown from genetically modified seeds.” So if you need one of these juices and see citric acid (like in Strawberry Banana Fusion), I wouldn’t buy it until further updates.

Dave’s Killer Bagels (Cinnamon Raisin Remix, Plain Awesome & Epic Everything) – Non-GMO, Facility only shares with soy & labeled ‘no animal products’.

There are more on the way and when I finish my research and communications, I’ll post updates. This is subject to change and if you find any different info out please email asap. As you may know, these two are important survival foods for when you have little funds left and need to last another day or two before payday. With a portable stove, some Morena sugar (or Florida Crystals) and salt or salt substitute, you can make bread and cookies. My most adaptable recipe for bread is 2:1 ration of flour and water and for sugar cookies 5:4:1 (sugar, flour, water or water/coconut oil mixture).

Eat the cold refried beans out of the can for a filling, healthy snack. I have even tried using the can to fire stuff up in, but it is a little dangerous because the flame is typically bigger than the can, so make sure you have some metal tongs and gloves that are flame resistant.

Why are GMOs bad? I have read that all GMOs regardless of whether they come from plants or animals require animal testing, but this has yet to be confirmed. My strict veganism avoids products made on shared equipment and many times facilities if it is listed because that means they aren’t aware of the changes. With spiritual concerns like in the previous post, one thing we are avoiding are these bad moods or karma or fear/murder getting into the food and contaminating our generations with mental illnesses or phenomenon now fed by drugs to alter genetics or our brains, when the origin may be unknown. Just like hormones from animal products, genetic modification may alter your being. So it is a wildcard in food products, just like animal products and byproducts. Even if it was for a super-human strength, how would scientists know if it was safe when the end result may not be until two generations down the line and we have no way of tracing the source of these positive traits? A lot of this may be philosophical, but something I would rather avoid. So this for example, took Skittles out of my diet for some time now and why I became a vegan in the first place. I was going to GNC which has so many ground-breaking technologies and cutting-edge modifications for your body. I was noticing changes however that were undesirable in my equilibrium and decided to do a detox. This led me to veganism and Christianity and now Non-GMO concerns as well as the other labels you may have noticed connected with beliefs too, like Pareve and Kosher. Have you ever wondered about the reasons for Halal?

New and updated ‘Avoid List’
Quaker Cereals – also rejects responses for further communication after spieling.
Twizzlers – seemed like I was getting honest responses from one representative and then a new responder changed the tone and information.
Pop Chips – uses bone char in sugars.

Note: Bone char usage to filter sugar is something that if the company doesn’t know the source, cannot guarantee that it is vegetarian or vegan. Possibly some vegetarians or vegans don’t care about this, but it is disgusting. Especially thinking you would give a child candy or cereal with the main ingredient using cow’s bones. Also McDonald’s fries as we talked about before uses beef products. To me this is concealing information. Sure some laws might say certain things are okay, but week one or two in my vegan attempt I was drinking Coke and eating fries thinking it was okay. I didn’t know most caramel color is made with animal products and some sodas like life water are using insect extract. I’ve had to sacrifice quite a bit to rid my life of so many products that are wrong by principle. I shouldn’t have to work this hard to rid myself of being covered in animal fat or carrying some animal product around with me or not knowing a harmless animal suffered to make sure it was safe to use. Even if you don’t care about killing animals, it is deception. It is greedy, nasty, gross and wrong. If the only reason is cheapness, answer the question, “What would happen to the product if that part of it was removed?” When you go to a foreign country you see pictures of black lungs and horrible diseases on the cigarettes and it says in giant lettering, without a doubt SMOKING CAUSES CANCER. Now we have companies using models on music to advertise. Are we that desperate for space on the planet to support the hurt that causes suicide and to kill each other and innocent creatures? Look for beet, unrefined, raw, turbinado (pure-cane) or USDA Organic.