Vegan Posts and Fuel Compilation Links

These are the links of the posts with my journey on veganism and survival fuel/cooking. I also added some social accounts of those that kept and continue to keep me inspired or helped movement get momentum in the difficult naive stages. I will update this page as well in a quicklink page on the important link tab towards the top right of the site currently.

Vegan shoes 10.3.18

October in deep south 10.2.18

The clean, healthy vegan/survival update 7.28.18

More on the vegan/cruelty free reasearch. 7.16.18

Vegan update (vehicles and more) 7.9.18

Strict vegan – Non-dairy with U-D!( and other losses 7.2-7.4 (affects several posts below; updated accordingly)

Vegan Update 6/6/18

Update in May on respecting our dead wildlife. 5/6/18 (Updated and republished 6/18/18)

Strict Vegan Update (FDA ACT ’04) 4/8/18

New ‘survival basics’ vegan products. Also, going for cruelty free. 4/3/18 (updatable)

Commitment to Veganism (with a confirmed, by email, dye to use) 3/22/18

Latest Vegan News 3/18/18

NON-GMO Update with revised vegan definition 3/4/18 & 3/11/18

Vegan Foods Update 1/28/18

Blizzards and blood 1/21/18

Fuel III 1/13/18

Strict Vegan Survival Update (with an currently updated **6.11.18 list and avoid list) 1/11/18

Vegan Tattoo Ink in final note of Intro to 2018 1/7/18

Vegan Update (My new hobby of contacting food stuffs’ businesses) 12/27/17

The Eighth Day of Christmas’ Dairy-free Party 12/18/17

Vegan Cheese gets a new slang on the Sixth Day of Christmas 12/14/17

Vegan French Baking on the Third Day of Christmas 12/8/17

Holiday parties & PETA gift ideas link 12/4/17

How do you ‘treat’ your dog? 12/3/17

Vegan Hanukkah Cookies 12/3/17

Vegan Thanksgiving LinksList 11/19/17

Virtual Night Before Halloween Party (Vegan Friendly) 10/30/17

Dedicated Mix #5 (Vegan Halloween) 10/19/17

Appalled 9/27/17

One Year a Vegan + 9/15/17

Fuel II 7/5/17

Fuel 6/5/17

Moby (Vegan, DJ and Music Producer) – (Moby may have started a fire with electronic music in me that started long before I started making or mixing it. Semi-recently some of his pictures have kept me from giving up and going to McDonalds or something like that due to peer pressure and society’s masks on wrongness. Seeing his website for the first time right now, I find he is also an author.)

Erin McKenna (One of her cookbooks started me off in the right direction. I had to donate it as well, but I will rebuy them all one day. My final big recipe I made when I had access to my parent’s kitchen before they moved was the Italian Cake. I was eyeing the recipe for awhile collecting the ingredients.)

The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner (Another cookbook I only used for one or two recipes before having to donate it, but one day I would rebuy and try them all. Just knowing these recipes exist is a ‘another light in the dark’ for a lone vegan.)

WaterCourse Foods, Denver – (I worked here in 2017 for a short time. I never tried the food, but the quick turnover helped me survive during a crucial endangerment of my own veganism as well as make important discoveries in the culture. I met my first vegan contacts at this place.)

Beet Box Bakery, Denver – (Yes, these places exist. You may walk into one and buy a donut or cookie and be thinking, “Oh! it’s such a unique and delicious, creamy flavor. I can eat them forever and not feel bloated or like my arteries are clogging!” Then some vixen falls out of a cloud and says, “It’s just one plus to eating vegan.” You say, “What the heck is a vegan?” Actually I only tried a cookie from this place, but that is what vegan food is like.)

** =last updated

Published by CKWAL

Formally know as SKMillion - CKWAL started making drum beats and then basically 'albums' with mostly Dance-Pop music collected from top podcasts. After deciding to dedicate to veganism for detox purposes Ckwal shortly after became homeless and grew stronger in his relationship with Christ to balance finishing out two years of weekly mixes. Now the name also encompasses new life, survival tactics, philosophy, relationships and working to improve the environment we live in to make a worthwhile future for new generations. Ckwal has one original album of what was two discs of continuously mixed originals from the beats that took a human life transformed by exercise and music out of the ashes so to speak as the age-old Phoenix imagery. Like the word sounds, it is a return to something from nothingness and near-death.