Ckwal’s journey may be continuing again on a new chapter, but still within the country. If you would like to support this site and associated life during this time I will now be accepting donations. I also recently donated (a double unit of blood) as soon as I was eligible through the Red Cross and it went pretty well. Using the advice on this site should make your second Power Red donation go easier and you won’t have to miss work. This month was pretty difficult and knowing I had this appointment to contribute some strict vegan blood to possibly save or change someone’s life, got me through some tough spiritual battles and life choices. It was my sixth unit in less than a year (last year being my first donation). So this time I am the one thanking Red Cross. I’ll see you again, Red Cross, sometime in late May or June (if I have to move). The reason I am sharing these stories together is that you never really know how it affects someone to give or to receive. It may be a positive experience or it might be really difficult for many parties involved depending on the organization. So, for this reason I pray our gifts of time, money or ourselves will be received well if accepted and that we may be able to accept help, if offered, when we really need it. Either way I’ll find more ways to share important things on this blog. Thanks to last year’s contributions which ranged from shelter assistance to food, propane, an extra layer for the winter and fresh tracks that made it to our MixLists.

Official Donations Ranking List
Christine M.
Deborah D.
Jeff L.
Liz V.

Other personal unofficial support from Russell D., Jeff L., Fred L., Barbara L., Lois D., Nathan W. & Jay P.


*3.21.18 Update on the second half of this post talks about donations to the poor in general. I will expand on this topic later as my journey continues.

*6.25.18 Update: Journey continues to Houston starting on my birthday which was 7.20.80