What is going on?

I guess this could be a really serious question if you lived in a world without power or suddenly certain devices stopped working for no apparent reason. This is not far off from what could happen and yes we take these things for granted. I’d like to think I have an advantage as I moved most of my life offline these past years, but I haven’t seen too many of my peers able to do it, attempt or want to try that. Anyways, that is just an icebreaker. I’m working on the next Mix in the Making #3. It has a story attached to it as well which I’m editing. With more time to put these lists together and general theme inspiration for the could-be ‘MixList Maker’, this could be the site transition to an educational point of view. Will I be relocating to Bangkok to live up in the skyscraper teaching jockeys to spin vinyl off their pointers like a Harlem Globetrotter? It has been fairly easy so far to prioritize searching for music and getting nutrition than buying the music and making the weekly mix than I thought.