Mix in the Making #3

Intro note: Since this turning point begins around Ash Wednesday (2017) which falls on Valentine’s Day (2018), I decided to post March’s notes today.
This month I’ll tell a short story that brings us full circle to where I was this time last year. I left my parent’s home which was my home from the age of 6 after packing a car full of my remaining belongings and went to attend CRST‘s refresher course and training in Waterloo, IA. The course was supposed to be a review, but it is never that easy to pass these tests they setup. I ran over the course with my car going through the gear changes in my head and pulling off the side of the road to take notes. I reviewed each night and in my spare time sold, traded and donated a lot of stuff to afford food and gas and what-not to stay up with my bills from trucking school and associated road trip from the previous year. I had finished my licence right before I became homeless, stayed in the mission in Chicago after being kicked out without a place to stay and meanwhile was still keeping current with all these costs from living on the road to New Orleans and back to trucking school staying in hotels the whole time. I finally passed after the test was delayed due to black ice and tensions were high in the classroom as we finished our hours of review the following nights. Several scenes went down in the classroom staying late that questioned my path and I prayed quite a bit. One argument was when I found out about closing paperwork which would bring us back to Cedar Rapids, but had already planned to attend church on Ash Wednesday. The priest put a cross of ash on my forehead and I contemplated doing lent for the first time in my life. Another important thing I did during these final days of commitment was religiously listening to ‘Views’ by Drake. I was going to sell plasma to get this album, but they wouldn’t let me due to ‘no permanent address’. The morning Hawkeye asked me to come back for some paperwork, I had returned from the church service at Sacred Heart and I remember a turning point which I recognized as a calling. I packed the car and headed toward Denver with only enough money for gas to reach the city and stay in a mission. I went an unintended route however and was driving up through Northern Nebraska. I remember fueling up, calculating in my head and a spirit of fear passed within me as if I could turn back now if I had any doubts and recontinue at the milestone I earned, but going forward was like unknown territory or nearly starting over. I kept going West and only started to get worried when I realized I was way up in no man’s land and not on the mapped out course. This part of Nebraska is like wastelands. Apparently Bill Gates has a home somewhere out there, but there aren’t any gas stations nor much civilization. Not only this but I had passed over several bridges where the wind was tossing my car unnaturally. The steering wheel seemed to rip right out of my hands with shaking as the tires went over the gridded surface. Well that was the problem, but I was thinking, ‘…please let me make it to the next gas station before I run out of gas’. I was back on track headed south to I-80 and getting close to a gas station and could see I was going to make it there and probably would still get to Denver with my remaining credit. I was about at the end of the street, only a short walk from the gas station, when the car turned to the side of the road and broke down. The front cradle rusted through, deformed and the tire had turned into the sidewall making it unmovable and unfixable (without over 1000$ plus extra time to get parts). The police arranged for a short tow to the gas station parking lot where I slept waiting for AAA to show up to tow me down to North Platte where my journey would continue. I did fast for over thirty days mostly until 2:30 pm or later combined with housekeeping to pay for the hotel provided by CRST and course at Hawkeye. After living there for some time, (some of these posts tell about my experiences there) I did make it to Denver, but went back to North Platte when asked to leave Good Samaritan because I could survive cheaper and stay vegan. Occasionally I question my calling or think I misunderstood. I really identify with ‘Greatest Love Story’ because for some time I thought that was the reason. Thinking, “I am supposed to meet someone in one these places”. Since my faith is strong I wonder if I skipped a step or my life was saved. I could have crashed in broad daylight or been tossed off of any number of bridges. It was only a matter of timing when this car would fail because it was overlooked when it was in the shop last. If I bypassed my whole trucking career, then I was speeding past my fate and mixing to the future which could now never happen. Another theory is I was helping to clear the path for another couple’s or individual’s future by succeeding and failing in possible scenarios as making up for interruptions in others’ lives I may have made in my past. This brings me to March’s Mix in the Making, #3. The unrequited love is part of it as the one year anniversary of my arrival to Nebraska (mostly with 3 country songs I have identified in my soul searching) as well as the possible missing links to this or another story from my private/confidential notes.

PØP CULTUR – Tell Me Baby 
Julian Calor – Charge Me Up
DJ Snake ft. Lauv – A Different Way (Curbi Remix) &/or Martin Garrix & David Guetta – So Far Away (feat. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya) (Curbi Remix)
illyus & Barrientos – ‘So Serious’ (BBC Radio 1, Annie Mac)
~SWACQ – Kayos Ft. Jordiz
Belinda Carlisle – Mad About You
Darius Rucker – Don’t or Life’s Too Short, ‘For the First Time’ is the most played/popular also would work (Choose one for this mix unless doing an encore or second part).
Lauren Alaina – Road Less Traveled
LANCO – Greatest Love Story
*Tarlan & Lexon – Saxy
*Kernkraft vs DV & LM – Zombie Like This (Ozcan SmashUp) Not available
*~Tong Apollo & DJ Benz – Feel Good
Blonde – Just For One Night (feat. Astrid S) (George Kwali Remix) Not available in the US
Eddy M – Don’t Wanna Be
Stanton Warriors – Colima
AV AV AV – Forget
*Saladin & Starkill – Droppin Panties
*~Nick & Chasner – NLX
*~Kroshwell – Rocket
Whiskytown – Matrimony & If He Can’t Have You
BLYNE – Waste Time (feat. James Chatburn)
Rusko – Look Out EXPLICIT
Audeka – Intake Manifold // Engine Block EP (MethLab) or Audeka – Ignition Coil // Engine Block EP (MethLab)
Audeka & Rawtekk // Dark Energy (MethLab) (has vocals)
+Add below Chill tracks
Delta Heavy – I Need You
~=very similar
some of these from below notes, edited and relistened to
*Ref. 2017019 Ummet’s Mix that several of these are from

RememberYouAreDreaming – Dream(s) by Infinite Third
JOSHUA J — Flowers (feat. Eauxby)
Bearson — Bearson x josh pan – Free
Emerson Leif — Emerson Leif x Golden Vessel – ‘Hesitate’
Keys N Krates – Do What U Do
DIVINE ✨ — Sometimes
(Chill tracks selected from thissongissick.com’s Chill Playlist Vol. 39)

If needed additional tracks
Petit Biscuit – Follow Me
Christopher Kah – Nightfall
*~Shawn White & Ryan Nichols – Ahh
Pick one from the new ‘Sleigh Bells‘ album
Also review Made in Germay, Vol. 13 from Traxsource and select some tracks for this and/or future mixes.