Encore track selections coming soon…

I’m going to post another ‘Mix in the Making’ list for you to make the encore by the beginning of March to follow the early release of ‘Mix in the Making #3’. Until then I will post as usual a mix of the week from notes that I didn’t reveal yet. These are mixes I am currently going over and over or are of the very few, full mixes I listened to in 2017. I used one track from this mix on ‘Ckwal Mix 2017020‘ and the lead-in is on ‘Mix in the Making #3‘.
The Magician’s Magic Tape 73 is the mix of this week.

In other news I am planning to exclusively release the debut Ckwal album (mastered for iTunes by Darkart Mastering) before the end of the month. I have a new UPC gathering dust from Independent Music and Arts, Inc., where you can get a great bargain by joining and some track ISRCs from Symphonic Distribution. Something about their order page made it to my notes and got me to buy a couple pricey codes for the double disc recently. Well now I find out I need twenty albums to release on iTunes myself and I only have about 9 between all my aliases from 1998’s first official studio album. So I will have to choose a middle man by the 28th. Ckwal’s self-titled LP is the first professionally mastered album with codes assigned. When it’s released on iTunes exclusively, Ckwal will no longer be available for streaming on this website or any other site. Yeah this album is old to some of us, but there are a lot people out there that have never heard it before.

Update 2/24/18: Album release delayed due to another project priority. I will be getting “If Looks Could Kill” by Brian Viveros tattooed in March, subject to tax returns, to celebrate an impossible year of discipline. The Artist will be Church Hill‘s mentor CJ Smart.

Update 3/8/2018: Neither of these projects will be happening.