Ratings & Critics

I guess because the world didn’t think I was talented enough to sell albums, perform or make a living with my own songs I became a critic in the form of a DJ at times because ‘…but your taste is impeccable’. So at times I must be too easy on some stars (or too tough on others). My fault. I over-rated Khalid too early. I hear him on too many songs now. Possibly it’s his management or he doesn’t get to choose the songs he is on because many of them are so generic it makes me embarrased. Lesson learned.

How about most under-rated Presidents. Trump gets a lot of shame and I don’t even read the paper. When I was young I dreamed of an African-American President and a Woman President, but when I watched ‘The Apprentice’ on tv, none of us could have thought Donald would be shaping our future. I believe if we choose together someone to lead us, we should support them. So Khalid still has my support and even though to me the last election was a win-win situation for my dream America, seems like the majority of citizens think you have to tear winners and losers down alike and take back their support before the real difference happens. If abuse and harsh words are how we support those we want to do great things, what will they say when we are no longer proud of how we got there?