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Sometimes this site turns into a journal of new discoveries and other posts are like pieces of an autobiography or the thanks to those that made it into my life in some significant way. As some may remember and are thinking I’ll get back to one day, I was really into digital photography and also videography. I made some of my own hobby music videos and did a lot of photo editing. Adobe Premiere and Photoshop were always my favorite for editing. Ever since I took a class during one of my semesters at Columbia College Chicago, between transfers, I was developing skills in Photoshop. These videos were mostly trial, but if I ever do them again, I’ll know what software to use. Now they have the Creative Cloud , where you pretty much lease the software. This would have been cool when I lived in other countries, but now I’ll just say I endorse the software if you are debating which one to use. Anyways, before I forget… The webseries at Digital Rev, although it was a little dirty on the sense of humor at time, was very educational and entertaining. It also reviewed and compared products available in their store with various celebrity guests. Mostly shot in Hong Kong the main hosts Kai and assistant Lok, never ran out of conversation, edgy humor, and international image and video-based culture.

Side note: I haven’t watched these in awhile, so I know nothing of the current content. Parental advisory.

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