Animal Shelter Recomendations & Update

I forgot to mention these two cats…

Roman is a hunk of a character. He prowled the room when we first hung out with an impressive stride. Later Roman turned on the charm with puppy dog eyes. Just yesterday he was tapping the glass like a lion. You could probably take Roman for a walk, so hurry to the Kearney Animal Shelter to audition. Next is Curry who has been there awhile (must have snuck under the radar). Like Cajun who was almost nabbed, Curry is well behaved and under-rated in the appearance category. It’s been awhile since I had a chat with Curry, but these three were still there yesterday. Seems like with the weather getting nicer there are more companions in and out of the shelter, so see if you can get a hold on one if you are serious. Also if you want to contribute to Kearney Area Animal Shelter and don’t want to commit to a furry friend, they accept donations in all sorts of variations.

On a side note:
I’ll probably post a short ‘Mix in the Making’ list in a week, so hypothetically a mixer could have the final mix ready for April Fool’s Day. I’m delving into hobbies right now and struggling a little without my daily mix practice because after all, I was doing that for over two years! However I feel better to focus on a handful of songs (plus radio play catch-up) and the people in my life for awhile. Today I was thinking about putting an official MixList out for early summer, but still deciding how to deliver you the most concentrated content that you can value.