Non-GMO Update (revised 3.11.18 with a new vegan definition)

I have known this for a little while, but was reminded today. If you are adding NON-GMO to your vegan diet as I am attempting, you can avoid looking for the flower and butterfly symbol all the time. Now you can add the Kosher/Pareve symbols. Let’s not get confused because these symbols don’t make them certified vegan. If you are not super strict with production, they provide a better chance the product is acceptable depending on the contents. Also if the food or ingredient is vegan certified, it should be NON-GMO too because many GMOs come from animals, but more realistically it is just a better probability. GMOs come from the lab which could have originated from viruses, bacteria, insects, animals or humans, however they could be from chemicals. Two reference articles on this (1,2).

Another interesting article about the new Kosher law. That law is good news for some of us, but it might make one less strict on their veganism search and circumstantially contacting companies for strictness control. Upon my research from earlier posts (which was a hobby at first that turned into a burdenous volunteer job), some companies seem to be only concerned about whether they are safe or not. This is understandable. My concern was whether companies are concealing this information or just don’t know (or won’t tell their employees who have to answer the questions for customers). Also, don’t forget about buying NON-GMO spices and even raw foods like fruits and vegetables. Remember ‘USDA Organic’ means that they have not been genetically modified as well.

Current GMO Crops and when they were introduced.

Update 3/11/18: I cannot confirm if any gmos are not tested on animals. Does any vegan verified food allow animal testing at any level? How about any company thinking they are vegan in which hasn’t been verified? I just read about vitro tests which are improving that don’t require animals. One last big concern is the dyes in our clothing. I found out last month that one dye maker doesn’t test on animals or support it, but their supplier for one of the contents does and it is required (by UK law). I think all GMOs are requiring these tests as well. Some GMO companies claim they are humane tests, but I still don’t see how they are getting permission. A real vegan product is packaged without and is without animal products or testing. As of now I cannot bother you with non-vegan spiritual concerns. I.E. Made or served by a non-vegan human or vegan of lower evolutionary status/development.