Top Gear

Speaking of shows I loved… Well I guess Jeremy Clarkson had that ‘near crossing-the-line’ sense of humor, but I thought he made the show? I haven’t seen ‘BBC’s Top Gear’ in awhile and one day I should own all the old episodes to see what happened. I guess that crew made a new show, I just found out, only on Amazon. The Grand Tour
Jeremy Clarkson –Jeremy Clarkson's Instagram
Richard Hammond –Richard Hammond's Instagram
James May –James May's Instagram

Another person we can remember today in a different way is Tom Petty. Easy to take his music for granted because it was so classic. There are a lot of songs that play everywhere and you might not have thought that was him. I never really owned his albums and find it impossible to imitate that range and style of vocals.

Two links to go with this:
Futuristic cars from the Geneva Motor Show by Denver Post
Mix from NestHQ : Ducky (from 2 Years ago, it’s really unique)