‘Latest Vegan News’

I hate being obligated to share information I am pretty much drawn in to find when I already tried to tell people tactfully. Especially since I rarely confirm any actual readers of my life’s work and it seems like someone else tells everyone before I get the chance.

I found this website and there was a rather bold post about this topic I have been thinking about. The problems are “too many to confront”. If people can’t do it for themselves then why would you do it for your pets? I guess animal cruelty is the answer, but we are just as cruel to each other. Also, expanding on this topic would pretty much halt almost every activity we do everyday to really change. However, to be less hypocritical for places like animal shelters where the pet may have been abused or mistreated, why would we serve them other animals that have been killed? If anyone has an excuse for eating chicken it would be me. I was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident in Cambodia because a chicken was flying across the road. It walked as it approached the road and took off just in time to nearly collide with me before I broke and slid on the heavy antique. For awhile I thought this way. Then one day I bought some ramen on my road trip shortly before becoming vegan. I read the codes on the packaging and don’t ask me how, but it told me how my life was going to change soon.

One chicken that almost took away my life doesn’t justify eating anymore than zero. The local who walked up to me to see what happened said, “Do you believe in Jesus?” I said, “Yes.”

This is no news, so I am still dealing with good news.

April’s tracks are completed in the below post.