A novel article

These are a unique blend of instagram pictures. I have only read one of these while I was in Russia. I attempted to read ‘The Idiot’ on a student’s recommendation, but couldn’t get through the beginning.

Also, an update on donations. It may be a little misleading on the link to the right bar about donations. My relationship with the red cross is growing in depth as it is a serious contribution and it isn’t always clear what I am doing on this site in borderline professional and personal ways. Here is a clearer direction from ‘The Little Black Book’ which I found at St. James Church. It is available from www.littlebooks.org . From March 18, 2018 (Fifth Sunday of Lent) it says in short:

Almsgiving all year long
Four levels of action for helping the poor:
-Helping people who are part of my own life
-Helping people who are not diretly connected to my own life
-Thinking about the causes of poverty
-By addressing the causes of poverty, the systems and structures in society which impoverish people.