Commitment to Veganism

Recently I just passed the 18 month anniversary on the journey towards being a Vegan. Yea, with my new definition it’s tough to believe anyone has achieved such a goal. To celebrate I have continued my diversion into the art of forever altering one’s appearance. Skin art number two, is a series of five symbols in Chinese possibly originating from an artist signed ‘js’. The phrase called out to me on the internet along with this track by Julian Calor on Musical Freedom. The symbols translate as said on the site as, “chinese symbol for vegan”. There are several definitions and ways to add meaning to this; I will try to explain that later in person if we get the chance. Caution: This website (no longer active) on some browsers will say ‘Danger’ or ‘Deceptive site ahead’. The most recent milestone is one of never turning back. It used to not bother me when seeing or smelling all the options of food I used to eat, but now it hurts differently. In my journey which is now at trying to be cruelty-free in everything, I found Rit Dyes is a good option for making clothes from the basic beginning. I will update when I find out more options (asking companies by email), but I knew this for a little while that almost everything on me or us may or may not have been tested on animals (at least if it was dyed) even if it was animal product free, so I knew I was behind my thinking process. If there are any new readers out there, you can catch up with the important info at this compilation page. It is also a quick link on the right sidebar. Again if you can’t go on with this information and need a place to start, by all means dive right in the deep end. I started at what I thought was vegan which is further along than vegetarian because I knew it would be too easy to fall back. This tattoo by Church Hill translates in layman’s terms on google as ‘absolutely vegetarian’ and without going into all the possible definitions, I’d say that is fair.

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