Update (End of March, ’18)

New ‘Mix in the Making’ will be posted in a week or so… It’s already nearly thirty tracks long with choices for a mix to complete by May 1st. I’m keeping the new album section for now and will be updating a new section like I sort of had before with mixes I have listened to and pass on to you.

Side note: Most of the stuff I approve to post isn’t normally excessively explicit unless that is what I think is needed at the time. In general I think people swear too much. Any words one uses over and over makes them loose their sting, meaning or seriousness. I guess I am guilty of this sometimes because society is numb to certain concepts. There was a song with J.Lauryn singing that sounded like she was swearing, but it was listed in the lyrics as ‘He knows how to fun me like that’. This is not proper grammar, but that is a lyrical license songwriters have to break different rules to make new meaning that isn’t tired.

Also, Ckwal’s only album is not going to iTunes in April as I updated in several posts.