New ‘survival basics’ vegan products

I have received email verification that these survival tools are animal product and testing free.

Some or most Sew-ology threads… I have verified only a few I have recently used (threads 1254549 col2108, 1255637 col1414, 1254580 col1001 and 1254507 col1008). If you are worried about specific dye testings or colors, email a retailer that sells these.

Available from Hobby Lobby, these fabrics/trims/other : Jersey Knit-Gray 945550, 1510981 Style 2306R (Black trim) Dantex, Sparkle elastic trim item 1257526, Black Flannel 617332 and Winter White (anti pill, polar fleece type) 827220 plus 1343946 Sew-on magnetic snap (Sew-ology).

Shoe Goo. I have purchased this and see it at several Walmart stores. It helped me survive a long period when I couldn’t afford new shoes. Repair the soles and more with excellent longevity per application.

Also, Huffy bicycles claim to be all man made materials and cruelty free.

I have asked about these three’s suppliers and very specific in my questioning. Of course this isn’t an official vegan verified stamp of approval. Those companies (such as may visit and monitor specific products independently.

Rejected on my list is Pentel as they are unsure. Ironic my tattoo is in Chinese as this seems to be a big reason why a company may be unsure. I seem to have read on the internet that Pilot is without question 100% cruelty free and animal product free, but I haven’t communicated with them yet. Other general companies to reject in the cruelty arena are most large ones in many necessity product categories (floss, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper and cleaning supplies). There are many alternatives labelled as cruelty free in specialty shops and large grocery stores as well. I don’t know enough about this as a lot of it is required by law (which is something I cannot slightly comprehend anymore) and pictures on the internet show what they show. You can reject my information, but it is the truth. I am growing with it not as a lecturer, but as a musician who has been forced to find out the truth for myself for health reasons that professionals failed to solve. If I didn’t tell you, later in life you would be angrier at me, this goes for any age.

Thanks to the helpful customer service representatives who have taken the time to find out this information and responded politely.

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You may see some additions to this page of findings as the research continues. I guess while I am at it, I forgot to share this mix with you from around eight months ago. Whipped Cream is one of those younger DJs that might think I am stalking them, but I’m just really protective. Here it is.