Strict vegan update

More bad news. After noticing new changes on the labels, I contacted the company that makes Vega. Then, I recently did more reasearch. I remembered something Hershey said about this, but it didn’t register. Seems my old definition for strict vegan is now very difficult to follow in the store. It was based on a suggested label addition in concern to food allergies in this FDA Act of 2004. Apparently these phrases are what companies should be putting on their labels. It is not required by law. So, I guess some of us have a new choice to make. Others like myself may have to wait until we have a kitchen. This may seem like no big deal to most people, but I was looking for those since I saw them when I first decided to become vegan instead of vegetarian. Ironic Vega broke it when their cartons malfuntioned and I had veggie power shake all over me several days in a row. I didn’t tell them about how all four leaked on me because that could have happened anywhere along the delivery chain. So until the act is amended to say ‘must be labelled’ this way, look for the ones that may say in a facility ‘free’ of them. It isn’t being redundant because even will approve it for being vegan as long as they are strict with storage and sanitation, or at least they did as far as I know when writing this post. Will we be able to go as far as being vegan is a job requirement in comparison to skills or experience? How much experience? “Are you experienced?”