What is Ckwal doing this summer?

The ‘Mix in the Making’ series is a great break for me in some ways. It is an educational outline or a place to start for someone with little time to make mixes or to start listening to good music. It has also given me space to make up progress in some other areas I am lacking professionally and personally. Not only in the present and future, but in my beliefs with entertainment culture pertaining to ethics, popular trends vs. traditional beliefs, ‘crime and punishment’ (so to speak) and how we express our value to one another; whether it be love, family, friendship, work relationships or plain and tough business. I finally bit the bullet with a little push from myself and peers. Avoiding a total deviation from Ckwal’s original mission statement, I bought a new iPod touch and offically formed Ckwal as a volunteer, music service business. All that practice on the glitchy, failing iPad helped me prepare for going back to a smaller screen size with better speed and reliability. My first mix was a remake of Ckwal Mix 2017020. I lost this mix because it wouldn’t back up. I could play it for awhile and then I even bought a used recorder to record it. By the time the recorder arrived, it wouldn’t play in entirety. I sold the recorder without using it and was able to scrap together a few more mixes together (including the New Year bridge mixes) using some computer tricks, but recently I couldn’t use the DJ application at all. I look forward to bringing some new mixes this summer to ckwal.net from tracks I’ve already posted, to ones that are yet to be released or discovered in all styles.