MiM #7 Encore Choices (Full Post)

7’s Encore

Sagan – Takes Me Higher (feat. Natalie Gioia) 
bülow | not a love song
Bazzi – Mine EXPLICIT
Garth Brooks – Ask Me How I Know
Morgan Wallen – Up Down feat. Florida Georgia Line EXPLICIT
Jason Aldean – Tonight Looks Good On You
Mija – Talk (DEMPRIDE Remix) Currently NOT AVAILABLE
3LAU – Touch (Zeds Dead Remix) [feat. Carly Paige]
Bottai – Assioma
Sam Feldt Ft. Akon – Yes (Club Radio Mix) Could do with another few remix choices.
StadiumX – Legend
Clara Mae – I’m Not Her or I’m Not Her (Hook N Sling Remix) other remixes available
Chocolate Puma – Get Out Of The Way
Jason Aldean – Any Ol’ Barstool
SZA – Garden (Say It Like Dat)
Mark Redito – Cloud Keep feat. Abbi Press (Bohkeh Remix)
Boyz II Men – Water Runs Dry
Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Alison Wonderland Remix)

Choose from my favorites heard on The Magician’s Magic Tape 79:
VanJess – Through Enough (feat. GoldLink) EXPLICIT
Kideko – Good Thing or the more recently released Good Thing (Danny Byrd Remix)
The Magician – Love Break (feat. Hamza)
Amber Mark – Love Me Right (ADP Remix) or as an alternative, Love Me Right (Sarz Remix)

(From Chill Vol. 41 on thisssongissick.com)

Two Another – The Night
Kasbo- Roots (feat. Amanda Fondell)
Autograf- Dead Soon (feat. Lils & Bonsai Mammal) EXPLICIT
Gene Evans Jr – 1. Like It’s 1965
Marian Hill – Differently
Tuff Ghost – Waterslide
Cherry Beach – Gravity
070Shake – Mirrors EXPICIT

Albums Out Now (This section includes new or previously released albums I have never listed on this site. Typically because I wasn’t aware of them yet if they are older than a few months.)
Pryda – Elements (EP)
Meat Loaf – Braver Than We Are

Albums Announced (Not released at the time of this posting. These albums will not be relisted on future posts.)
Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch
Florence + The Machine – High As Hope
Dierks Bentley – The Mountain
Lenny Kravitz – Raise Vibration
Lykke Li – so sad so sexy
Tatianna- T1

Extra Link

Extra Book
Cameron Diaz – The Longevity Book (2016)

Random updates

I’m totally absorbed in my secret new hobby in between listening and mixing sessions. I had to be broken off from tattoo obsession, though I am pondering some new ideas. I designed one based off of Oasis’ logo in Korean (pictured below). I bought one album since Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds latest album on repeat. Guess which one.

Apparently it was National Red Cross Day yesterday and coincidentally I donated my seventh unit of blood in my first year since starting that mission in North Platte last June. It is pretty much the maximum one can do. It is six units or three sessions if you are doing power red (double units). Last time it was the only thing that I was looking forward to doing. This time it was a big decider on what I was eating because as a strict vegan in central Nebraska who is also crazy about NON-GMO, there aren’t a lot of choices. I habitually consumed whatever had the highest iron most mornings. Besides that though it kept me in Nebraska when I felt like giving up and moving somewhere else because of whatever stressors or relationship difficulties. Hopefully what I did in this extra time besides getting better at my new hobby will be life-changing in positive ways.
Liam Gallagher’s Instagram , Noel Gallagher’s Instagram

Favorite Viveros Painting: ‘If Looks Could Kill’ (This one was a planned tattoo, but was cancelled even after receiving Viveros Brand team approval.)

Another idea was to combine these two: ‘Naughty Naughty’ (I’d call her Whisper) and ‘Roses Are Blood Red’ (I’d call her Wish)

Tattoo obsession and favorite artist instagram list:
Brian Viveros
Nina Pushkova
Allen Pushkova
Matt Dunn
Josh Rivas
Church Hill

Side note update 5.23.18
You may notice I post a lot of country songs which now talk about drinking and other potential problems in various ways. This is my fifth year of 100% sobriety from both. I know we can get more out of life in other ways now. So, don’t think you have to live out all the lyrics literally, especially when you have these untradable songs. Also, I don’t support smoking although I value the talent of duplicating the look of a burning cigarette in an oil painting. I didn’t like Camila Cabello’s song at first because I thought this may be how tabacco companies are advertising now. Now I think it is comparing how some choices alter yourself in ways that you can’t go back from and actually does the opposite. Sometimes when we get tattoos or other comparable choices – we trade away something to remember our mistakes or sins; sometimes we are looking for something we lack and need to remember our aspirations, motivations, desires or needs. Wish and Whisper were names I thought up for future child names as I used to do when I taught English. They were for specific people or my own future that may have been in another life. I am adding this update which was going to be on the ‘Mix in the Making #7 Encore’ which is in progress. It will be almost a complete post arriving sometime by the First of June.


This is an unpublished version of Mix #3. I made a couple mistakes and you can’t really tell, so I’ll share it as such. It’s a good mix for transition from a ‘radio-head’ to whatever else you have to do afterwards. This is in thanks to radio announcer Payton Phillips or Peyton who is on at least three stations in central Nebraska. She was the only reason I was listening to rock so if it makes a comeback in my life, thank her.

Tuesday May 20th 2018, 20:14

Dave Matthews Band – If Only
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Keep On Reaching
Alison Wonderland – Church
Charli XCX – Emotional
3LAU & Said the Sky – Fire (feat. NÉONHÈART)
Camila Cabello – Never Be the Same (feat. Kane Brown)
No Mana – Someone to Erase
iMVD – Ryuu
Josh Goodwill – Armour
Tom Enzy – Origins
Syskey – Mind Right EXPLICIT
Pryda – Stay With Me
Calvin Logue – Less Is More
BLR – Sanya
Felix Cartal – Worry (feat. Victoria Zaro)
D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Another Life
System Of A Down – Hypnotize