Encore choices for Mix in the Making #3

The first nineish are from my latest picks. I am on a Country kick and listen to some Christian music too. As you know I am always trying to find the long lasting Pop songs and Dance Pop​. The other sections are most of the rest of my picks from 2017 that I tried to compile from my notes and lists in one place for this encore. What I usually do is pick enough for an hour and half and then mix an hour. If I don’t use some they may roll over to the next mix if they still fit in, but if you are doing it on an iPad or phone, I don’t recommend putting a ton of songs on there. Just pick ones that your are feeling that week and try to get the best transitions and order (even if they do fight a little bit). If you get sick of a track too quick, possibly take it out of the candidates and bring it back when it is ready or you are. This is enough tracks to do like four mixes, but I am trying to catch up to the newer stuff without forgetting these ones. So this is perfect if you want to do a mix per week. Another tip is to try and not choose too many songs that have lyrics for one mix unless that is your theme and can mesh them into a story. Space out really wordy songs with a house track or something so the listener can think about what you said and how it relates to their problems because a lot of us are trying to solve issues while others are out of them.

Maroon 5 – Cold CLEAN VERSION
Third Day – Soul on Fire
Marren Morris – Rich
Blanca – Real Love
Hillsong Young & Free – Real Love (Live) Youth Revival
Cyclic – Current Value
Lady Antebellum – Heart Break, Hurt or Think About You
Taska Black – We Would Never Do (ft. Nevve)​
ZAYN & Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)

ARLE – Close To You (Icarus Edit)
Riton & MNEK & The House Gospel Choir – Deeper
Troyboi – X2C
Snavs – Give Me The Light
Rowan Niemisto – Without Trying
Olav Basoski ft. Spyder – Waterman 2017 (Bolier Remix)
HONOR – Never Off (Hot Since 82 Remix)
Klosman & Nico de Andrea – Porque Me Voy
Provenzano – Serifos
LO’99 & The Aston Shuffle – Birthman

Melo Makes Music – Drain U ft. Ravyn Lenae (Prod. Martin $ky)
and a lot of choices after it from:
Chill Vol. 35
… Said The Sky & Kwesi – All I Got

Jayceeoh & Dijital feat. J.Lauryn – Everywhere I Go
Triarchy Ft. J.Lauryn – Coconuts and others from J.Lauryn’s ‘Golden Years’ album (Don’t Touch, Party Favors)
Max Vangeli x Danny Ray – Made For Lovin’ You and/or Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli feat. Kye – Heavy Love
Kiril – No Fightin’ & Rave Generator
John W & Bonnis Maxx – La Cumbia (Ivan Miranda Edit)
Roger Sanchez – Another Chance (Ivan Miranda 2k17 Remode)
Mercer – Encore (DJAfrojack & SAYMYNAME Remix)
Cardi B – Bodak Yellow (CID Remix) EXPLICIT
Sezwez ft. Maddy Carty – Got No Love
The Magician & TCTS ft. Sam Sure – Slow Motion
MUST DIE! – Shibuya Overdrive
Tiësto & Sevenn – Boom (Snavs Remix)
Marshmello Ft. Khalid – Silence (Lost Kings Remix)
Trobi & Boaz Van De Beatz Feat Âdïka & KaliBwoy – U Don’t Know
CID & Kaskade- Sweet Memories
Tom Reason – Rather Do (needs a remix)
School of X – Las Vegas or Words
Prince Fox – Space (feat. QuinnXCII)

Gareth Emery Feat. Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel (Haka Remix)
(remix of the first Gareth Emery song that broke out to us all)

BLR X Rave & Crave – Taj, BLR – Bella Mare (this BLR EP is good)

From: Best of LW Tech (Found on Traxsource)
Piano Cure – Pirupa Kuo Climax Remix
Tommy Vercetti – Killa
Overfunk – Gangsta Feeling

From Glasgow Underground’s ‘Amsterdam 2017’:
Vanilla Ace, Jean Bacarreza – Swaii
Landmark (Marco Anzalone), Kevin McKay – What’s Going Down
Alaska – Konflicted Soul
Say No More – Space Jump Salute

Porter Robinson – Language (Ekali & QUIX Tribute)
Crossnaders – Instinct Killa

Ratings & Critics

I guess because the world didn’t think I was talented enough to sell albums, perform or make a living with my own songs I became a critic in the form of a DJ at times because ‘…but your taste is impeccable’. So at times I must be too easy on some stars (or too tough on others). My fault. I over-rated Khalid too early. I hear him on too many songs now. Possibly it’s his management or he doesn’t get to choose the songs he is on because many of them are so generic it makes me embarrased. Lesson learned.

How about most under-rated Presidents. Trump gets a lot of shame and I don’t even read the paper. When I was young I dreamed of an African-American President and a Woman President, but when I watched ‘The Apprentice’ on tv, none of us could have thought Donald would be shaping our future. I believe if we choose together someone to lead us, we should support them. So Khalid still has my support and even though to me the last election was a win-win situation for my dream America, seems like the majority of citizens think you have to tear winners and losers down alike and take back their support before the real difference happens. If abuse and harsh words are how we support those we want to do great things, what will they say when we are no longer proud of how we got there?

Encore track selections coming soon…

I’m going to post another ‘Mix in the Making’ list for you to make the encore by the beginning of March to follow the early release of ‘Mix in the Making #3’. Until then I will post as usual a mix of the week from notes that I didn’t reveal yet. These are mixes I am currently going over and over or are of the very few, full mixes I listened to in 2017. I used one track from this mix on ‘Ckwal Mix 2017020‘ and the lead-in is on ‘Mix in the Making #3‘.
The Magician’s Magic Tape 73 is the mix of this week.