CKWAL Mix 2018-3 Festival Exclusive

I submitted this mix to thissongissick for a contest that gives passes to Electric Forest this summer as a prize. I wasn’t going to even share this with anyone, but had a change of heart and sent it to them. I won’t be able to attend this year, but I’ve been. I also was able to meet with these guys (from thissongissick) at a couple of festivals a few years ago. Typically they have artists in a tent for meet and greets. I handed the guy who used to be in Krewella (Rainman) a beer (the girls wouldn’t take one because they had to sing later) and was able to give 12th Planet a demo one year.

Tuesday 8th May 2018, 19:53

D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Really Love
CADE – Warning Sign
3LAU & Said the Sky – Fire (feat. NÉONHÈART)
Sugarland – Babe (feat. Taylor Swift)
BLR – Labyrinth
StadiumX – The Fall (feat. BISHØP)
Syskey – Mind Right EXPLICIT
Pryda – Stay With Me
Camila Cabello – Never Be the Same (feat. Kane Brown)
Modest Mouse – Wicked Campaign

CKWAL Mix 18-3

Sunday 6th May 2018, 21:05

Kelsea Ballerini – Legends –Kelsea's Instagram
Felix Cartal – Worry (feat. Victoria Zaro) Felix's InstagramVictoria's  Soundcloud
Tom Enzy – Origins –Tom's Instagram
StadiumX – The Fall (feat. BISHØP) –Stadium X's InstagramBISHØP's Instagram
David Gravell – The Future –David's Instagram
Josh Goodwill – Armour –Josh's Twitter EXPLICIT
Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso – Only for Your Love (Extended Mix) –Nicky's InstagramFlorian's Instagram
Calvin Logue – Less Is More –Calvin's Instagram
No Mana – Someone to Erase with Nottingham Forest Fans – You Don’t Know What You’re Doing (once near the end with increasing delay) –No Manas' InstagramNottingham Forest Fans' Instagram
Charli XCX – Emotional –Charli's Instagram
Alison Wonderland – Church (Naderi Remix) –Alison's InstagramNaderi's Instagram
WATGOOD – Inhaler Louis' Instagram
Syskey – Mind Right EXPLICITSyskey's Instagram
iMVD – Ryuu –iMVD's Instagram
BSNO & Gama – Tornado –BSNO's  SoundcloudGama's  Soundcloud EXPLICIT
Sugarland – Babe (feat. Taylor Swift) –Sugarland's InstagramTaylor's Instagram
Elevation Worship – Lo Harás Otra Vez (Do It Again) –Elevation Worship's Instagram

For more listening join me on this station (similar online streamer as previous post) that hooked me to country in Nebraska. Carsen is on in the afternoon and some Saturdays, Payton, who is mostly on that rock station now. Also in that network, 103.1 (Pop/Dance/Etc).

Also, if you are in Denver (which I am not planning to be) this Vegan Prom is tempting. More info link.


It’s May already. 2018-3 is going to happen as soon as the right mix falls together. Ckwal’s main base-land is probably moving in late July. If so a great deal may change, though there is a potential for quite a bit to stay the same. I tried posting that earlier and plans started to disintegrate, so it’ll at least be a vagabondish vacation. My main commitments so far this year have been:

-9 Mix in the Making Lists (More subparts if time allows and musical works are found)
-Up to 9 Mixes (So far there are 3 including the Special Edition)
-Other entertaining or insightful information

As Ckwal is a volunteer company and a requirement at the shelter I stay at currently is to officially volunteer, I have also been integrating community services. In relationship with my dedication to veganism, I have regularly been burying roadkill and other wildlife (such as birds, squirrels, possums, snakes) to respect these creatures and give them burials. *Check local guidelines for larger creatures if doing this yourself.* I find in the vegan culture besides strong resistance in politics, spirit and character there is a growth to the love and respect of animals because of the way they treat us. This isn’t just with eating and cruelty-free products which abuse living creatures. Please slow down to the speed limit on the roads and pay attention when driving. Especially the giant trucks spewing rocks off their trailers. God gave me a mission post events from similar carelessness to share with you the solutions for our mistakes. Repenting from sins is a start to regaining our innocence and inner child-like appreciation of life. Those around us will try to corrupt this at any age and with prayer we can ask Jesus for the power to conquer any addiction. Life is riddled with these type of things and allures that shorten and cheapen our lives.

Music is serious to me and it has saved my life from a kid when I started guitar covering Kurt Cobain songs and writing songs on guitar and piano out of depression from what I now believe was spiritual presence. I continue my musical career listening to top DJs and finding music. For me it is a ‘Spiritual Revolution’ in my own awareness to save and conquer our other unknown entities.
In my experience along with being homeless for nearly two years and international travel of over seven years, I have found an ignorance in control of ones’ own souls and misunderstandings of how to protect themselves along with their effect on others in this world and other parallel worlds, levels or what some may call heaven and hell living in existence alongside our lives. On top of that our language and translations miscalls common terms to mislead beings or attempt to make themselves gods which Christianity refers to as deities. I’ll explain further as my guidance reveals more and in additional proofreads.