Blizzards and blood

These radar-like predictive tracker video-like images (from are probably the best I can find at the moment with criteria for ‘the best’ being visuals and usefulness. We are expecting a blizzard in an hour or so and debating whether I should buy some food in case I cannot go outside. I guess it’s good I am taking an extended break from making mixes as I may have otherwise suffered this month more than possible. Also, donating another double unit of blood, so if anyone else is joining me this month, have some Dark Chocolate Silk Almond Milk and Arran’s vegan granola or Kashi vegan cereals(not sure if all these are strict, so check first). They are really good for this purpose. If it’s the first time on double, it shouldn’t be that bad, but do this afterwards for awhile because most iron supplements have some animal product in them. I don’t know about the second time, but I don’t think I paid enough attention to it until recently. Also, saw my first video in awhile to celebrate the break. War for the Planet of the Apes. It is appropriate for this site as the radio suggested it in the top videos of last year and goes with veganism in an animal take-over sort of way. Also, it’s a sequel.


Looking for a pet?

One other note for today. If you are passing through Kearney, Nebraska, there are two pets overdue for a good home I can vouch for personally. Bear is a bit intimidating as he is a big dog and needs space, but loves walks and trying to socialize. Also, he is as sweet or sweeter than a little pup. If you need a cat, Daisy is an intuitive and protective one. She likes towers and hanging out in high places. If you are creative with games you might be able to capture her attention, otherwise she can hang out all day and is great company. Ask the staff for more info or other recommendations depending on your lifestyle. They are at Kearney Animal Shelter west of the UNK campus and Buckle factory on the north side of the main road across (NW/kitty-corner) from Cenex.

Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday to my cousin Sam. Before I left facebook, he was a big supporter of equality online which is part of Ckwal’s name and original logo. I don’t know how else to reach you; maybe you’ll see this post!