Encore for 2018-5

2018-5 (Encore) goes with 2018-5 SEAV and this probably follows the original mix. In other news I’m working on my TV show checklist. I got a tattoo of Sasuke from Naruto after buying one DVD. Today instead of getting all the tracks for the rest of my mixes, I bought Pushing Daisies, Human Target, Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’ and Gordon Ramsay’s self spoken autobiography . So, I guess Gordon is going to be my company on the bus ride to Texas in twelve days with a review from Keith Urban’s latest if I can’t overplay it. SMH.

Friday 6th July 2018, 19:38

Drake – Childs Play CLEAN VERSION minus intro; starts at, “She’s at the game.”
Alison Wonderland – U Don’t Know (feat. Wayne Coyne) [Daktyl Remix]
R3HAB & Waysons – Shanghai
Phish – Waiting All Night
U2 – This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
Rusko – Mind the Gap
Axel Boy – Days Gone
Krewella – Fortune (feat. Diskord)
Mike Williams & Dastic – You & I (BVRNOUT Remix)
Knife Party – 404

CKWAL Mix 2018-5 (Encore)

I made another one that would follow one of the other editions better, but it’s overwhelming at seconds over an hour. I don’t know what it is because I cannot keep mixing these songs. There is a big, ironically unintended pause after Rusko’s song and Krewella’s track talks about Tylenol, which like most medicines, have some animal product in them.

Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 21:33

Krewella – Fortune (feat. Diskord)
R3HAB & Waysons – Shanghai
Axel Boy – Days Gone
xie – Drip EXPLICIT
Rusko- Mind the Gap
Mike Williams & Dastic – You & I (BVRNOUT Remix)
Alison Wonderland – Space
Knife Party – Reconnect
Ilan Bluestone – Guru
Seven Lions & Jason Ross – The Sirens
Radiology – Phobia (Extended Mix)
Whipped Cream & KTRL – Gray EXPLICIT

Update from header tagline 7.2-7.3.18

Priority notification : Clif Bars, Silk and Rice Dream marked Pareve Dairy (unconfirmed shared machinery, products, or no ritualized cleaning) ; Hoka shoes unconfirmed (I bought some after reading this blog post. I tried to comment on the post, but it wasn’t read or approved. Also, this supposed vegan is hanging out on what looks like to be leather. So, I would beware this blog is about vegan recommendations). If anyone sees an error in anything listed, please comment asap and I can change it. I am on a journey and not trying to mislead. My main dishes for everyday are almost all gone due to updated labeling or misinformation. If you are following long time vegans like Moby, keep in mind they have foods and materials that look like those of an animal family, but they are not the same. They are actually better and will replace any notion you had of favorites. Thanks for reading and listening.

+ Update 7.6.18 + Those looking for iron rich beverages to get ready for donating blood frequently without shared dairy facility could consider Ripple or Full Circle. I’ll research these further, but I can’t assume the certified vegan stamp is strict with what they allow to share facilities or machinery without reason or quoted desire to change.

In ten days I’ll appropriately disturbingly reach the first gallon to Red Cross.


Also, I have bought the tracks for the encore of the 2018-5 editions. You know I’m spending more time with these.