Tiësto’s Birthday

Probably the most world reknown DJ is turning 50 tomorrow as far as I know. I’m scrambling to complete mix one of twenty nineteen by tomorrow midnight (central time CST). At one point when I was listening to all the top podcasts, which I listed on this blog, I became angry with them. I deleted all of them and proclaimed to never listen again. My iPhone was clear of mixes I listened to sometimes three plus hours a day to exercising and hiking for around a year or more. Then within a week or so, ‘Tiësto’s Clublife’ reappeared magically on my iPhone 5, which I bought mainly to support the Clublife app at the time. I gave it one more chance and since then never gave up new music by such DJs. I eventually stopped listening to podcasts and too many mixes to make my own, but I still go back to their original tracks and labels for trustworthy selections. Thanks again and Happy 50th! May you find the energy you can’t live without.

A Picture of January

I’m updating the theme to WordPress’ default 2019 to get current with them. With my budget I am not going to get theme crazy again yet. I barely was able to get a camera (Sony DSC-W830) with a Zeiss lens built-in for a good price from Target. I said I wasn’t going to buy Sony again after my disturbing encounter with Sony Music Russia when being diverted from Sony Music Latin. I guess I forgive them if they forgive me, not only because of the ‘Karma Journey’, but because they really make the best cameras and probably other devices for my preference.

I hiked in the mud along the freeway for one photo last night at sunset, but settled on this one today even though I have mixed perceptions. It might be cliché, but ‘we’ in general pop culture have to be either cliché or ahead of our time.

Mix 1’s tracks are bought, or at least the core choices (13 of them). I may try to scrounge up a few dollars to add some from a different site, but this mix is closer to Bridge 1 from the end of 2018 and are available from Beatport. I realized there is a lot of music to catch up with that I haven’t mixed yet. I haven’t started any new lists yet.

Here is a link to the actual color image (reduced size).


First tattoo of the year is done (1.11.19) after seven last year (eight if you include my first at the end of 2017). It goes along with the bridge mixes and ties to the diamond and Mario Kart DS. It’s the first and only one on the right side.

I lost an auction for a camera, but still trying to find a way to present photo number one. I’m selecting tracks for mix one and two of 2019 soon as well, probably from the unmade ‘Mix in the Makings’ and ‘Just Added’ lists.