Looking for a pet?

One other note for today. If you are passing through Kearney, Nebraska, there are two pets overdue for a good home I can vouch for personally. Bear is a bit intimidating as he is a big dog and needs space, but loves walks and trying to socialize. Also, he is as sweet or sweeter than a little pup. If you need a cat, Daisy is an intuitive and protective one. She likes towers and hanging out in high places. If you are creative with games you might be able to capture her attention, otherwise she can hang out all day and is great company. Ask the staff for more info or other recommendations depending on your lifestyle. They are at Kearney Animal Shelter west of the UNK campus and Buckle factory on the north side of the main road across (NW/kitty-corner) from Cenex.

Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday to my cousin Sam. Before I left facebook, he was a big supporter of equality online which is part of Ckwal’s name and original logo. I don’t know how else to reach you; maybe you’ll see this post!

Fuel III

A few new hints or tricks I learned trying to cook in the winter. One is about those detachable propane tanks for portable grills. If they get too cold, they may stop flowing properly and your flame may not be healthy enough to cook bread properly or whatever you are trying to make before your hands freeze. If you have two of them you may be able to swap one out and warm it back up in your coat or whatever part of you is warm and cook until the same thing happens again and repeat. This is also the same for spray bottles of coconut oil. It is more finicky that the propane and you must spray what you need and return it to somewhere warm (under your arm or in an insulated pocket). I will update this post if I have to try it out in colder temperatures than 15-20 degrees, so with some hand warmers and quick, smart cooking, you can still make that ‘down-to-the-penny-save-my-veganism-meal’ (if it ever comes to that to save a cow, your life or whatever it may be). More advanced but costly tanks and grills are better prepared for the winter temps, but this is the budget Coleman stovetop with budget gas from Walmart or Target which makes it a lot easier than trying to balance your pan on a skinny Tower of Pisa.