I finally settled on this Acer Spin at the last minute instead of a Chromebook because of the vegan friendly packaging and had AT&T hook me up with some internet. Since the library was challenging me to search for music too much with comfort and time, I thought I better catch up on my own. So, I’ll be spending more quality time digging for the new music and adding some new favorite social lists and other writings.  I have a few songs together for Part III.  It’s a lot of older dance tracks blending between Chinese dance, so I’m not sure if I’ll finish it in time.  Weather is warming up in Houston and the pollen is out like it’s raining warm fuzzies. I’m listening to The Magician’s Magic Tape 88 right now.

March’s Photo of the Month

‘Photo of the Month’ standards are typically that it is unaltered unless to change the resolution size for quicker web viewing. I only captured one photo so far in March except for tattoo ideas or remembering screen shots of data. I am pondering for April and beyond these tattoos. One is by Allen Pushkova a friend I met through Nina in Russia who I met through another friend of the family. They got married right before I left Russia and have two boys now, but one of our several get-togethers were in a bar near my apartment in St. Petersburg where on one occasion he did a DJ set for all us hanging out. Another is of an anime orange tree found on You have to sign up to view this particular image, but you can find it on google search with the phrase ‘anime orange tree’ and it is the first to show up. Two of the other top ten ideas are a regular bandana design and the fire dancer logo from DMB like this one. Though it is popular for tattoos and you aren’t really supposed to get the same one as someone else, I’m sure the permanent ink artist could figure out a variation of some sort.

In the photo above a bird looks out Eastbound towards Houston. This photo was taken on Sunday around the same time a tank fire spread to eight tanks creating a dark haze over most of the area for days. I was unaware of it until early this week. More info in this story.

On Drake’s ‘More Life’

[Clean Version]

Listened through once and besides feeling jealous for some reason at the end of track 3, well the girl sounds like the one tatted on the back of my leg, I love the album. It’s a brilliant transition from Views with some remnants of the stuff I couldn’t let go from that last album. So, I’m glad I returned Scorpion to get to that after I can understand what this one means to me. I had to break from it for a week after the first listen because I felt it was a betrayal of emotions and it made me really depressed with music after relation to recent events in my life. I had also thought it wasn’t good from the way it is presented in the previews like with iTunes and from at least one other peer. Even on the radio Drake’s music is overplayed and out of context with certain tunes. To be honest I thought I was trading some life as a writer in Nicaragua or something in which the cover made me dream about. After hearing it though, I think I would trade it away again to even listen once.

My visit to Managua was actually how I justified learning manual semi for a CDL because I wanted to rent a car to drive to panama, but all the care were manual transmission. Kind of an expensive way to learn and it’s not quite the same, but it kept me going through the learning process. If you were to say I traded my end as a rich trucker with the Bentley and the big house with the two ladies to listen to Views, I would say that’s fair too, however I didn’t look at it like that then. I was going to sell plasma to buy the album as I said in a recent post, but I had yet to meet someone who reminds me of one of those girls in the album photographs. She was the first tattoo I got on my wrist. I don’t think that life would be worth it. Anything you get close to starts to look too ugly to bear or is too much sacrifice. Sometimes you find yourself too deep and can’t get out of it until you fulfill some unwritten contract. I guess in my case it is the debt I started with travel and licensing. Music business gets that way too as they also warn in music school, but I owe the definition of my life to it as it flows though me as necessarily as blood and water. I’m not totally in the music business as my work is not in it and I work independently with the blog, so that makes it stay impartial, but a lot more misunderstood and hard work than you would think starting off. At the end of More Life in contrast to the beginning’s low end aggressiveness and attacking grooves, several tracks are differently adaptable in my mind’s eye. Hang out in the club, studio or at the dinner-table in an intimate restaurant or home – listen in or set the backdrop. I felt myself getting impatient at second listen as I typically listen actively, but was hit hard during the first listen and it was a refreshing ending in that case.

You know when I was in Nicaragua after my cousin’s wedding in Vail, I was attacked by two kids with knives that got away with my basic apple headphones. I stayed inside for the rest of my trip pretty much, but what group was on my iPhone that I forgot about? Is it a coincidence that it was Knife Party? I feel like I am getting the sour end of a deal or in someone’s tragic novel, but I have had a lot of good times and hope to survive for more. Do you think I traded away two of my lives? Do artists do the same or think about this themselves?