Bridge update

Some of the links I put on here may need individual disclaimers because I cannot claim to support or believe everything someone writes or is possessed to post. There are a lot of struggles in modern society, both in a real life and spiritual life that have no answer. I have listened to two more albums since DMB’s latest. Interpol and in trying to find next year’s bridge tune and virtual host, lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’. I was tormented by spiritual battles and in my environment in the hours leading up to buying this album and listening to it this morning. It’s explicit, but some rappers, writers or spoken wordsmiths can get away with it because they are not jagged little pills to the ears. Whatever soul I was blessed with to listen to it the first time was pretty genius, but not like you would think. I wrote out titles I guessed to every track like some may have done or will do who buy the physical disc. It almost seemed like someone else chose him for man of the future year for last year in the present tense, so that could be a frustrating concept, but it is simply that. Zedd use to ask, “What if it was written in reverse?”. I can’t guarantee he will be on the bridge song too like Will was last year, but I didn’t make a big deal about like it is or has been built up to this New Years. My two Numarks are being practiced on and all I need are the right songs and something to record it on so I can listen back and confirm it as the mix of the new time zone for bridge 2018-2019.

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Last call? ‘Year of tattoos’

I finally had an artist do the Oasis logo in Korean I was sketching several times. Smack dab in the middle of my sleeve. Check one of the link at the bottom to navigate to an example of what it looks like. I was carrying around version I did of it for awhile and on a dark, cold and rainy Sunday I honed myself to Violet Tiger. Bear re-sketched it in a smaller version and added a little bit of what looks like the text of some comics to the final version. Bear works as a tattoo apprentice for his brother’s shop to help supplement his Hip Hop group or duo that has already been asked to perform or do work in Toronto. Below are the instagram links. This ink session was like a dual interview as I talked about this blog’s tattoo journey nearing to an end with this seventh tattoo. I claimed to him that I wouldn’t totally give up getting tattoos because I value the community and culture.

Violet Tiger Tattoo’s instagram
Bear’s Tattoo instagram
Bear’s Hip Hop artist self

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Next year, ‘Year of …’

Last year’s diversion from weekly mixes was body art which technically ends on the 15th of December. This year I will either be going back to more regular mixes or doing something similar. One idea was to start watching movies again and to tie in a mix with the movie or some other kind of theme that goes along with the movie of the month or week or whatever. If you get any other ideas send me a heads up. On the pirates’ karma journey, I bought Mario Kart for Wii before getting a diamond on my ankle. I was looking for Princess Peach on a motorcycle as pictured on the cover, but it was a little out of my range for now. So, don’t take it yet! Also, I bought three seasons of Portlandia and re-sold them on eBay for a steal! Well I lost money, but that was the point – pay back, pay forward. The world works sometimes if you have the patience and creativity.

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